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Feedback for Mizuki7

Sep 17, 2010

    1. If you've had a transaction with me, please post here :) Thank you very much
    2. Wonderful seller. Communication was amazing and I highly recommend her :)
    3. I prefer to leave positive feedback, but I feel that I need to let people know about the recent "almost" transaction with MizuKi. I expressed my feelings to her in a PM about what happened and never received an answer, and it is now November, so I am going ahead with my feedback here :atremblin

      I almost did a trade+cash transaction with MizuKi7 for her Pipos Female R.Pi in Aug/Sept 2010. We had settled on the terms of the deal and I asked for her PayPal information so I could send the agreed upon amount right away. She said she would wait until I returned from a convention I was traveling to even though I said I would like to pay immediately, so she never sent the info for me to pay. Then after I returned and again asked for the payment info so I could send payment, she wrote back saying that she needed more money and wanted to change the terms we had agreed on :eek: I tried to be nice and modify the terms as much as I could, but I just couldn't afford the amount she now wanted. Her final PM to me said among other things: "Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to go through with this trade I need a lot of money right now and I'd like to sell her. I'm really sorry about it, my situation was pretty good back when you first PMed me. I really really hope that you will be able to find one of your own as you seem to really want her " :? If it had been me who wanted to delay the payment, I would not be leaving this feedback since it would then have been my fault, but since she was the one that made it so I couldn't pay when her "situation was pretty good", I feel that it was very unfair of her to change the terms :(

      This doll is at the top of my wish list and it was very disheartening to have a purchase all worked out and be very excited to be able to finally get this doll and then have the terms changed to the point that I couldn't afford her after all :...(

      I do have to mention that communication was good overall as far as writing back and forth and PMs being answered within a reasonable amount of time with the exception of my final PM which explained my disappointment which was never answered.

      Just felt that others should know of this situation and be cautious when agreeing upon terms of sales or trades with MizuKi.
    4. I traded a head with MizuKi7, and I'm so happy with how smoothly things ran. Communication was great throughout the whole thing, fast, informative and freindly. She gave all the information I asked for, took all the pictures I wanted to see, and was very helpful with my constant questions. The head was shipped the day she said, and both heads arrived on the same day. He was well packed and even came with a little something for me :)
      Would love to deal with again, and highly reccommend to others

      Thankyou so much <3
    5. bought a Chiwoo head from me and everything went great!
    6. MizuKi7 bought a Pipos Baha from me, just such a sweetheart to deal with, lovely communication and this transaction got a bit scary for us both when..shock horror, super pricey EMS got it wrong! Lil' Baha was returned to sender and nearly used up his nine lives on the long trip back and forth and all had a very happy ending:)

      A perfect patient buyer, thank you so much and enjoy your kitty^^
    7. Sold some items to Mizuki7.everything was well.and payment quickly.Thank you very much.^^
    8. Mizuki7 joined my Soom´s Luxullia split. Everything went wonderfully, she paid very quickly and she was patient, communicative and nice when our order delayed a little bit more than expected. She let me know when her order arrived to her. A very nice and smooth person. Would love to deal with again, and highly reccommend to other.

      Thank you so much!!! :) :)
    9. Mizuki7 bought some LE Pipos eyes from me and it was a very easy transaction, thank you!
    10. Mizuki7 Commissioned me for a faceup. The transaction was smooth with great communication and fast payment.
      Would do business with anytime again.
      Thank you very much! :)
    11. Mizuki7 bought glass eyes from me. She paid quickly and told me when package arrived.
      A real pleasure to do business with.
    12. I was in a trade with Mizuki7. The head arrived in beautiful condition and it came with some lovely sweets! Fantastic seller and a pleasure to deal with. Would reccomended highly and would deffinatly deal with again :D
    13. I sold MizuKI7 a Zuzu Delf Lio and it was an amazing transaction. She was kind and friendly, payment was fast and she let me know when the doll arrived. I would definitely recommend her to everyone and I would love to deal again with her :)