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Feedback for mizunoseiryuu

Feb 13, 2007

    1. Since I've posted a thread in the Seamstress, etc. Marketplace, I thought it would be a good idea to start a feedback thread as well. I have had previous transactions on DOA including the successful purchase of clothing, shoes, and two dolls, but I have not sold anything here myself, yet. All of the sales I have been involved in were handled by para_chan214 since we live together and everything would be coming from one address, we listed everything together.

      Please feel free to leave your comments about my transactions here.

      Thanks for your time.
    2. I'm glad to be the first person to leave feedback for mizunoseiryuu. :D She bought my Archernar from me and was very quick with the payment and was excellent with communication. Great transaction, I'd do bussiness with her again.
    3. Hello! I bought a blue alice MSD Dress at Fanime con, and I absolutly love it!:fangirl: It's the one made from the drapes from I belive your mother's old house? Well, sammy rocks it! Oh, and thank you for the help with tightening the stringing of my doll! It's been very help full. It helped me get over my fear of opening up my doll, which is a good thing because I have to give him a good bath and Tesors spray!

      I would also like to leave feed back for the hat I bought at the con, but I don't know who made it...
      I also left feed back for Para-Chan!

      Oh, and did you get a chance to post the photo we took at the booth with Samuel all dressed up? thanks!
    4. I recently commissioned mizunoseiryuu and both dresses are so amazing. They are exactly what I wanted! :D Mizuno was a joy to communicate with and kept me up to date on her progress. Both dresses shipped in good time and were well packaged. I will definitly be commissioning her again.
    5. I commissioned a kimono and it is perfect. There was a lot of comunication and she worked really fast.
    6. mizunoseiryuu made some silk gauze harem pants for my Hound. She was very easy to work with and the pants are so professionally made. I hope to be able to commission her again in the future. Thank you!
    7. I sold a wig to mizunoseiryuu, she paid promptly and let me know when it had arrived safely. Thanks for a great transaction. :)
    8. Mizunoseiryuu bought a doll from me a few days ago, and let me just say she was a dream to work with. She was very polite and friendly, gave all the information I needed right up front, and sent the payment very quickly. I would deal with her again in a heartbeat!
    9. Sold mizunoseiryuu a pair of ruffly MSD sized panties, and she was a pleasure to do business with. ^_^ Quick payment, good communication, the whole lot. Would gladly do business with again.
    10. mizunoseiryuu bought a wig from me and she is a very nice person to deal with. She paid promptly and let me know once the item arrived. I recommend mizunoseiryuu as a great buyer. Thank you so much!
    11. Sold a pair of boxers to mizunoseiryuu and had really great transaction.^^ Totally flawless. Hope to deal with her again. Thanks :]
    12. I just bought a Lolita style dress from mizunoseiryuu, and it's fantastic!

      Here's a pic: Lolita Dress

      I highly recommend buying from mizunoseiryuu! :fangirl:
    13. mizunoseiryuu bought a pair of Kid Delf boots from me, paid really fast and kept a great commmunication ^^

      Thanks so much! Sweet and friendly buyer and I'll definitely recommend her <3
    14. Sold a wig to mizunoseiryu, with fast payment and excellent communication-
      Highly recommended buyer, would love to deal with anytime!
      Thanks again :)
    15. Mizunoseiryuu is a favorite repeat customer - transactions have been consistently problem free. Payment is speedy. Communications are prompt and friendly. I'd never hesitate to deal with Mizunoseiryuu!

      Thank you!
    16. I sold mizunoseiryuu a Volks MSD. It was a perfect transaction and I couldn't be happier with her as a buyer. Thanks so much!
    17. Sold her a pair of eyes; payment was timely and everything was perfect. Thank you!
    18. Oh my gosh! I can't believe I forgot to write up a reply on mizunoseiryu's feedback thread. I'm such a scatter brain sometimes *smacks self in the head* lol

      I commissioned her to make me 4 different articles of clothing for my boy. Gah she was wonderful to work with. I wish all my clothing commissions were this easy. She took all the time needed to make sure we both knew what was wanted and that the colors were perfect. Even pointing out that my monitor might have picked up one of the colors as black when it was dark blue. Helping me avoid any mix-ups later on. And the pants and skirt were SOOOO lovely. And not a horrid seam to be seen. Honestly, that just floored me with it's perfection. Especially given the sheer flowing fabric that was used.

      ok, ok...... I'm rambling. Bottom line? She was fantastic, her work was fantastic, and I can't wait to have her make more things for my guy.
    19. mizunoseiryuu bought a 4D: DHB-36 (Boa-wig) & Dollga: LR-015_Maroon_L (high-resisted fiber wig) from me. Very positive, communicative, nice buyer to get along with, highly recommended.^^
    20. I sold 2 wigs to mizunoseiryuu, who was friendly, prompt and communicative -- a perfect buyer! Thanks! :D