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Feedback for Mizunotsubasa

Feb 10, 2008

    1. If I purchase from you or sold stuff to you and you love doing business with me, please leave feedback and I will do the same.
      #1 mizunotsubasa, Feb 10, 2008
      Last edited: Oct 15, 2015
    2. Mizunotsubasa bought a Latidoll outfit from me. Great communication from her and a fabbie transaction :D Thanks!
    3. Mizunotsubasa bought a Puki faceplate from me.
      She paid exactly when she said she would, and she let me know the faceplate arrived safely.
    4. We just had a very pleasant transaction!
      Thank you so much!
    5. Mizunotsubasa commissioned two wigs from me and was fantastic to deal with!

      Fast payment, good communication, very patient-thanks again!
    6. Mizunotsubasa bought two oriental hats from me and was fantastic to deal with; friendly, good communication and quick to pay ^^. Thank you
    7. Mizunotsubasa was part of a group order I did. She was VERY patient when my post office screwed things up. I would not hesistate to do business with again!
    8. Bought an item from me in a group order/split and everything went smoothly. Thank You !
    9. Mizunotsubasa commissioned me a pairo if modified "mermaid boots" for pukis! great buyer and very nice person, thank you!
    10. She bought some puki puki items from me. Good communication, fast payment, wonderful buyer.

    11. mizunotsubasa commissioned 2 puki size wigs from me. Great buyer, quick payment. Come back anytime!
    12. Mizunotsubasa bought a wig from me and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you so much!
    13. ^o^ Mizunotsubasa was a part of my FL Go! She was awesome :3 told me when the items arrived, and was very involved with the order ^^ She was a true pleasure to work with and I hope to work with her again in the future~ !
    14. Mizunotsubasa was part of a Leekeworld Group Order that I hosted. She was great to deal with - good communication, prompt payment and she went out of her way to pick up her items. :D Thank you for a smooth transaction!
    15. Mizunotsubasa commissioned me for several face-ups for her sweet Puki Puki's. She's always a pleasure to work with! Very friendly communication and prompt with payment. Thank you!
    16. I had another transaction with Mizunotsubasa, and everything was perfect just like before. Great buyer, thanks :D!
    17. Mizunotsubasa purchased a Puki faceplate in a Fairyland GO that I ran.
      She was absolutely wonderful... on time payments and everything.
      Thanks and enjoy!!
    18. Mizunotsubasa participated in a minimee GO that I ran. She paid promptly and was easy to communicate with. A great transaction all around. :)
    19. Mizunotsubasa bought a Puki outfit from me. A good buyer that kept good communication. :)
    20. Mizunotsubasa commissioned me for a face-up for her Minimee head~ She is always quick with payment and very much pleasant to deal with. Thank you for the awesome transaction. ♥