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Feedback for mk13

Sep 12, 2007

    1. Hi,
      if I've had a transaction with you please leave feedback for me here ^^
    2. Wonderful buyer, great communication upbeat and a joy to sell to. Super fast payment. I recommend!!!
    3. I got a faceup on my Lati yellow Miel from mk13. The faceup is gorgeous and she was super fast and friendly too. Highly recommended! :)
    4. I had a faceup done for my Jared Padalecki Minimee and he looks great.I was very pleased .Very friendly and talented.Highly recommended
    5. I had a faceup done on my OD Tae, mk13 was super nice to me and my n00bness. the face-up is perfect and I'd recommend her to anyone. :D
    6. She made my Aru cute by giving her an adorable face-up. T^T Everyone should commission her for a face-up. Right now. Do it.
    7. mk13 did the faceup on my Drizzt, I just about died when I opened the box - he's so fabulous!

      Thank you a million times!
    8. My SD Nana had her faceup done by mk13 and she was just brilliant! :D She was very patient with me while she was giving my girl a faceup. :D Communication was easy and excellent,and my girl's faceup was just pure awesome. <3~

      I also bought a pair of eyes from her and they were in very good condition as well!~ Both transactions were awesome and she's just been really patient with me. :sweat Thank you!~
    9. mk13 participated in my Leekeworld Oz group order, was a pleasure to deal with, fast correspondence and payment!!
    10. I bought leeke wig from mk13 and her communication was great it was packaged very well and posted quickly - thanks very much :)
    11. I purchased a pair of mystic eyes from mk13. Everything went just great and the eyes arrived in short time. She was quick to respond to pm's and very polite. The eyes are just beautiful and looked just like her posted pictures. I would recommend her to everyone.
    12. Mk13 organised Leeke go and I received my wig in perfect condition today. :D She kept us well informed about everything in the GO - thank you so much!
    13. mk13 commissioned me for my Dolpa 22 shopping service & was very easy to deal with :) Paid promptly & had good communication. Thanks!
    14. mk13 Sold me her Bianka Volks doll. She is the best seller I have ever dealt with. She answered all my questions and ALWAYS got back with me when she has received my payment. She is very patient and even includes cute little trinkets with your doll! ^_^ I fell in love with this seller and would not mind doing business with her again at all. NEVER hesitate with her. She answers your questions truthfully and honestly. I give mk13 a 10/10 rating ^_^ and a billion kudos for all the help she has given me. She even included a free dress she made for my girl. I will never forget you and your kindness. I promise to give Mizuki the best home ever ^_^.
    15. I bought a wig from mk13 and the transaction was very smooth. Good communication and fast shipping and I'm very happy with the wig I received. Thanks!
    16. Joined a For My Doll GO organized by mk13. The GO went smoothly. Up to date and very fast shipping. Would gladly do business with her again!

      Thank you very much.
    17. I bought a pair of Dollheart shoes from mk13

      mk13 is a lovely person to deal with great communication and quick shipping

      The transaction was flawless from my point of view

      Thank you very, very much :D
    18. I bought a msd wig from mk13, it was packed very well and i love the item.
      Thank you very much :)
    19. I bought a YO sized outfit from mk13 and the transaction went perfectly. She was friendly, had great communication and must have shipped fast because I got the outfit sooner than I thought I would! It's even more adorable in person than in pictures and I love it. I definitely recommend her! Thank you <33
    20. Joined another FMD Go ran by mk13. Went just as well as the last one!

      Thank you very much. =D