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Feedback for mmsedated

Jan 3, 2008

    1. Thanks for dropping by. :kitty2

      Please leave me a feedback if we've dealt before

    2. I got my AbioAngel Yi from her. Everything went great! She was excelent about contact and always responded within 24 hours. She was also very careful to clarify orders and had direct contact with the seller.

      I'd definately suggest participating in an order she's organizing! I'm even thinking of signing up for another one!
    3. got my san through her=)
      n a whole lot of stuff from her other sprees!(bags/vw accessories etc)
      a great spree organiser=D
    4. This is a wonderful seller! I just received my AA Ling through her and she was a dream to deal with. She was always in contact, even though we live on opposite sides of the world. :lol: I would definitely do business with her in the future.
    5. I participated in an Abio Angel group order with mmsedated, and she was amazing to deal with. She was completely understanding of my limited internet access, was always updating me on the progress of my order (and it got to me SO fast) and she was really careful to make sure that I got everything that I had been looking for.

      She was also super helpful on the ordering itself, since I have had some confusion with Abio Angel in the past, and she ended up making sure that I got the doll that I wanted, and that I had the right one - she was wonderful, and she really made sure that everything went smoothly. I would work with her again in a heartbeat! Highly recommended!
    6. i ordered an AA ling from her, and she was really efficient and nice. ^^
      hope to be able to deal with her again. :D
    7. I got my 2 xAA Shi from her too.
      A big thankyou to her as she went extra miles to help me (newbie ) to get other stuff i wanted. The doll was great condition and she is super helpful and reply to all my emails and sms... sorry for being so troublesome.
      only regrat never meet you in person to thank you :) see you next outing or organis more group order pls :) we all need more clothes and wig for our new AA ..... ahhaaaa
    8. I bought my Abio Angel San from mmsedated.
      Due to a fault from the company, my San didn't come with a default faceup.
      To apologize for the problem, mmsedated is sending a pair of boots. She helped me through the whole process.. Me being a first-time buyer I was very nervous buying my doll.

      Mmsedated has been very helpful and pleasant to deal with! ^_^
    9. Seller is refusing to respond to e-mails and phone calls from people who paid her money, some back in Dec 2007. I am out $310.00. Posting this here now so more people don't send her money and those that have that can still do so try and get their money back.
    10. Just to note that seller sent a mass e-mail out to buyers on April 9th with excuses as to why no dolls and no contact.

      She has finally given dolls to the people in the country she lives in, they had to go and pick them up from her. One person is still waiting for their doll.

      She has not responded to mine or other people's e-mails. No doll, no money, no contact from her since April 9th. Consider this negative feedback from me. Cost me $310 which I paid at the beginning of January 2008 and I have nothing.