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++Feedback for Mochistar++

Oct 12, 2011

    1. Please leave your feedback and comments here for Mochistar.
      Thanks everyone and happy shopping! ^^
    2. Yay first feedback C:Mochistar bought a Leeke wig from me, was extremely easy to work with, paid quickly, and let me know when the item arrived. I would highly recommend and love to work with again!! Thank you so much :)
    3. Mochistar bought a wig from me, and she was wonderful to work with. Communication was smooth and prompt, payment was fast, and she informed me immediately when item arrived. I would highly recommend her to all as a buyer!
    4. Mochistar bought a CH Hani from me. Payment was fast and communication was great. A wonderful buyer! Highly recommended!
    5. Mochistar let me put a DF body on layaway. Great communication and friendliness and helpfulness during my initial "will it match ___" waffling, and great follow-up on the whole transaction!
    6. Mochistar bought clothes from me for her loved doll. Excellent communication and instant payment made. It was a perfect transaction. Thank you so much. :D
    7. Thanks for purchasing my PukiFee sized kimono set and Halloween clothing. You're a wonderful customer, and a great communicator to boot!
    8. Mochistar purchased an SD wig from me. I think she's a wonderful buyer and would definitely have no problems dealing with her again. Definitely recommended. Thank you! :D
    9. Mochistar bought an SD accessory from me, the transaction was very smooth and her communication was great, she paid promptly and was very friendly. I would recommend her. :)

      Thank you Mochistar I hope your SD enjoys the item!
    10. Great transaction with Mochistar. Great communication and quick to pay. I hope you enjoy the wig!
    11. Mochistar bought a leather jacket from me. Very smooth transaction and a pleasure to communicate with. Will surely hope to interact with her on DOA in future.
    12. Mochistar purchased some SD clothing from me for her boy. :) Communication was wonderful, swift, and friendly in spite of me being away on a sudden personal leave when she initiated the transaction. She paid promptly and was a real joy to talk to throughout the entire transaction! I really hope to keep in touch with her!
    13. Mochistar purchased a wig from me, and everything went perfectly. She was quick with payment, and AMAZINGLY patient and kind when I was delayed in sending off the wig because I was in the middle of moving. I'd be happy to deal with Mochistar again anytime. :)
    14. Mochistar bought Lee Jun Ki Souldoll from me and the transaction was super smooth. So glad he's found a new happy home!
      I highly recommend her and wouldn't hesitate for a minute to do another transaction together.
    15. Mochistar bought a SD beanie from me. Paid right away, and let me know as soon as it arrived. Would definitely recommend as a buyer! :)
    16. Mochistar bought a pair of a SD jeans from me,paid right away and let me know when it arrived.
      Everything gone smooth :)
    17. Mochistar bought an SD-sized doll from me. Couldn't ask for a better buyer- paid right away, let me know when it arrived, friendly and prompt communication throughout our smooth transaction. Thank you very much~!
    18. Mochistar bought some SD clothing from me. With prompt payment and friendly communication, I highly recommend her as an excellent buyer! Thank you so much!
    19. Bought a SD shirt from Mochistar and everything went fine. Communication was great and it was shipped quickly!
    20. Mochistar bought some YoSD items from me and everything went well! Friendly communication, fast payment, and she let me know when the items arrived. Thanks so much!