Feedback for ModernWizard

Feb 28, 2007

    1. Please place feedback for ModernWizard here.

      You can find my Ebay feedback (>280 +) here: Ebay feedback.

      You can find positive feedback for me on the Men With Dolls message board here: MWD feedback.

    2. Here is StephG vouching for me on a thread where I had an Uyoo for sale. If this thread gets deleted, this is what she says:

    3. Great buyer! Great to deal wth, smooth transaction.
    4. I have positive feedback from user Majenta in the huge list of good/bad traders:

    5. I have also had successful dealings with twigling, as she says in the huge list of good/bad traders:

    6. I've bought from Modern Wizard before. She's great to deal with! Good communication, quality items, and always willing to negotiate prices or products ^__^
    7. I have traded with Modernwizard more times than I have kept track of; many of them before either of us were members of Den of Angels. MW has in all cases been a great trading partner, ships out fast, and is very good with communication. MW is a well-respected member of the MWD forum listed in the first post also, since before the dawn of twiglings reignited interest in dolls. In fact I think we have a trade it progress right now, to be finalised by the end of next month or so...

      Trade with confidence!!
    8. I just sold some items to ModernWizard and everythin went perfectly! I highly recommend her!
    9. ModernWizard sent me her Sardonix for a neck mod, and she was very sweet and enthusiastic throughout the whole process. Would love to do business with her again. Thanks ModernWizard! :) :aheartbea
    10. ModernWizard is an excellent buyer! She bought a Limited Edition Friend Gretel from me! The sale went smoothly and without problems and communication was great :aheartbea
    11. I sold a Dollheart outfit to ModernWizard and she was great to deal with!
      She was very fast with her payment and her responses to my messages.
      Wounderful transaction, highly recommended buyer! Thanks :daisy
    12. I've bought from MW, She's an excellent seller. I will continue to deal with her.
      Reliable, fair prices.
      Highly recommended! <3 <3 <3 <3
    13. I've dealt with MW more than a few times and the transactions are always perfect-- she's a prompt and reliable buyer & seller ^^
    14. I had a very succesful transaction with her. She was great to deal with and sent my doll immediately. thanks so much for your friendly fast response. bjbnut.
    15. A smooth transaction, very easy to deal with!
    16. ModernWizard shipped a Magnificent pair of Boots to me Very FAST. The Transaction went Very Well. I would love to Buy from this Seller again.
    17. I purchased a head from ModernWizard.

      The transaction was pleasant and easy... all email inquiries were answered promptly, the Ruth head was mint as described, the head was packed safely and was shipped the next day.

      I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Modern Wizard again! :daisy
    18. I've deal with MW more than a few times and the transactions are always perfect :) .
      She's very nice and very open for all conversation^^. I advise ModernWizard.
    19. I bought a wonderful hound size corset for my Jace boy. ModernWizard answered all my questions and was super nice about it. The corset was packaged very well, and arrived super fast! I would definetely deal with Modern Wizard agian. ^__^
    20. I just bought an outfit from ModernWizard for my Sabik and it arrived really fast! ^_^ I am very pleased with it :) ModernWizard is just awsome to deal with.. SO kind! ^_^ I highly recommend ++++