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Feedback for Moggie

Nov 14, 2007

    1. Mogie is a sweetieheart and lovely to trade with!

      I have NO hesitation in buying from him. And the leather corsets and jeans I had were extremely well made. A true artist.:

    2. Sorry - should be MOGGIE ;)

    3. I thought you'd know how to spell my name by now. ;)

      Thanks for the lovely feedback. :aheartbea
    4. Gosh, let's see, I've bought leather gear for my dolls, Dollzone shoes, Eyeco eyes, and Dollzone 70cm bodies, all of which I was delighted with. The leather gear was well made and nicely finished, Moggie is a great person to deal with. No complaints whatsoever after multiple transactions and I'm still going back for more!
    5. I bought a beautiful embroidered blue kimono with cherry blossoms on it. I love it and most of what Innana designs. Wish I had more money so I could spend it with you! Great folks, wonderful service and beautiful one of a kind items. Friendly fast shipping!

    6. I purchased three pairs of Eyeco eyes from Moggie back in September of last year. After a series of ill-fated events, the eyes finally arrived today. They're in good condition. I wish that communication had been better, or at the very least had occurred without my prompting. I also wish that it had taken less time than most people wait for DOLLS just to get my eyes.

      I'm glad to think that Moggie is getting everything back on track after that run of bad luck, but I won't be doing business with him again.
    7. Anyone checking this thread should probably go here, fyi.