Feedback for mokarran

Feb 9, 2009

    1. I recently got Marketplace access, and I guess since I'm planning to do quite a bit more buying and selling in the future, I should make a feedback thread...

      If you've done any business with me, please leave some feedback here! Thanks :D
    2. mokarran bought doll outfits from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    3. Mokarran bought a Dreaming Doll boy body from me. She paid quickly and let me know when it arrived, so it was a very smooth transaction :aheartbea I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again.
    4. a very pleasant transaction, good communication, prompt ship, perfect!
    5. mokarran bought a Migidoll Ryu head from me. She kept good communication and paid me quickly. I look forward to doing business with her again. :)
    6. mokarran responded to my WTC thread for a full body painting of my Pipos Ringo. mokarran was a total pleasure to work with. I couldn't be more pleased with the result. The fur stripes are incredible and he looks just as a requested, if not better! I needed my Ringo back in time for the meetup this weekend, and mokarran was more than happy to return him completed by my deadline. Total pleasure to work with. I would without a doubt send another doll to be painted by mokarran in the future, were a faceup commission thread to be opened. Highly recommend!
    7. mokarran participated in my Leekeworld GO, and everything went smoothly. She was friendly, had great communication, and was overall lovely to deal with. Thank you!
    8. Mokarran bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when items arrived.
      A pleasure to do business with.
    9. mokarran bought some DT boy hands from me.. transaction was great.! She paid quickly, and communication was wonderful. ~ Thank you ~
    10. mokarran sold me her DreamingDoll boy body and the transaction was wonderful :D Good communication, always very pleasant and sweet to talk to, she answered all my questions and was very accomodating with putting it on hold for me for a few days.

      The body is absolutely beautiful, suits what I wanted perfectly and I would not hesitate to do business with again! :) A+ Seller!
    11. Mokarran purchased a Soom Spinel head and some MSC from me.She's a very good buyer. She paid promptly and is a great buyer. She let me know right away when they arrived. Thanks again!!
    12. mokarran participated in my crobidoll group order. Very friendly to deal with and quick payments. Thank you again!
    13. I would highly recommend mokarran as a seller. Even though UPS thwarted our entire transaction and caused problems and delays on both ends, mokarran was super patient, friendly and wonderful to deal with. When the head arrived back in her possession, she provided me with a refund right away. I felt satisfied at the conclusion of our transaction even though nothing became of it just because mokarran dealt with the matter with such unfaltering professionalism. :)
    14. Sold some sd13 shoes to mokarran and the transaction went just perfectly. Quick payment, great communication, excellent to deal with :)
    15. I bought a wig from mokarran and everything was perfect. She's a lovely person to deal with and the wig was shipped immediately, well packaged and is in beautiful condition. I can highly recommend mokarran to do business with.
    16. I bought a wig from mokarran, and was extremely pleased with the transaction. I had a convention to attend at the end of the week, Mokarran was more than wonderful in ensuring that I got the wig in a few days. She had great communication and shipped the wig extremely quickly. I highly recommend her as a seller, and would, without a doubt, love to do buisness with her again!
    17. I couldn't be happier with Mokarran! :aheartbea I bought Bambicrony Sunday from her and she sent her the SAME DAY! And Sunday's faceup is wonderful! Gorgeous!
      Sunday was packed very well and arrived as though she came direct from the Co.

      A BIG thank you to Mokarran and a BIG recommendation to all of you to trust your transactions with her, too.

    18. i bought a wig off of her recently. shipped very quickly, excellent communication. thanks a million!
    19. I just bought a Napidoll Serios head from mokarran. It arrived very quickly, well packaged and in perfect condition. Communication was great and she was very nice to let me have a short layaway.

      Thanks so much! :chocoberry
    20. mokarran took part in my Chrom split and everything went perfectly, only good things to say here!

      Fast payment, excellent and very friendly communication, a real pleasure to deal with!

      Thanks so much <3