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Feedback for Mon&Ding

Sep 3, 2006

    1. Hi,

      Here is the record that I had sold before.

      2005 Dec - PF Yoko - Buyer - pei
      2006 Feb -Unoa Bust - Buyer - beckers
      2006 May - MSD Body - Buyer - Akia
      2006 May - Unoa boy body - Buyer - Gloria
      2006 Jun - Wig - Buyer - chiron2
      2006 Jun - Outfit - Buyer - Girlytattoos
      2006 Aug - PF - Buyer - Majesty
      2006 Sep - Luts Body - Buyer - Xen
      2006 Sep - DP Kira SweetDream Outfit & Boots - Buyer - Misuka
      2006 Nov - DP kira SweetDream head w/o eyes - Buyer - Myrtle
      2006 Nov - DP Black Cat Boots - Buyer - Remmah
      2006 Nov - DP Yo-SD Kuuta - Buyer - SFC Marti
      2007 Jan - SDC Ren Wig - Buyer - rubijoux
      2007 Jan - British eye 12mm - Buyer - ChocoMeijin
      2007 Jan - 12mm MYSTIC EYE - Buyer - Zechsy
      2007 Jan - School A - Buyer - Mortelle
      2007 July - Yo-SD Papi - Buyer - Petra P.
      2007 Aug - Lusis Default faceplate - Buyer - The Red Queen
      2007 Aug - Sist Default faceplate - Buyer - Tsukihime
      2007 Aug - Sist Madoromi faceplate - Buyer - ashlyna
      2007 Aug - B-el Madoromi faceplate - Buyer - paperbot
      2007 Aug - Lusis Madoromi faceplate - Buyer - Yume
      2007 Oct - YO-SD hand (YSD-H-04) - genie stallings
    2. Had a great transaction with Mo. Very quick shipping and body was as described. Also very nice communications... Thanks Mon..
    3. I also had great transactions. Nice communications as well, and the doll that I bought from Mon got to me very quickly ^_^
    4. Smooth transaction, cute doll. Thanks :)
    5. wonderful seller very quick! awesome!
    6. Good feedback!! ^^ A good transaction, very kind and fast shippement. Item perfect!
      Thanks a lot!! ^^
    7. Very nice seller <3 fast shipment!
    8. Wow, super fast and very friendly:fangirl: The most beautiful Luts body ever!
      Wonderful packing of box, took extreme care.

      A truly fantastic purchase :)

      Thanks a million Mon :)

      xen :)
    9. She is a really great person to sell/buy with !!
      Fast shipping , extremely well packing and very frienly !!
      Thanks again *hugs*
    10. I purchased YoSD Kuuta from her and he arrived amazingly fast and in the exact condition she said he would be in.. A great person to work with and I would certainly do so again.
    11. Mon is great to deal with, I purchased some boots and they arrived very quickly! An over a holiday weekend too! Thanks!
    12. I just bought a School A head from Mon. It was a very great bargain for me, but although the price is low the head was amazing! Exactly as her photographs showed.

      I'm very very impressed with Mon&Ding's dealing! She is very responsive, very responsible and very efficient.

      As soon as I made payment she shipped the head the next day and it only took 1 day to arrive at my house. The package was very neatly wrapped, taking very meticulous attention to the safety of the face up and was protected with face mask. The box was brand new and bought specially to deliver my head. The padding inside was very secure.

      If she has other dolls I'm interested I'll definitely be back to buy more from her! AAAAAAAA seller!
    13. The eyes arrived today! The packaging was great, and they were amazing! Thank you!
    14. I recieved my package today, along with some goodies! Thank you very much, you're one of the sweetest sellers I've dealt with!:D
    15. I just received my sweet little yo-sd Papi and she is in best condition,like new!She was very well wrapped and the package excelently packed!
      thank you so much for this great business,you are a very nice seller!
    16. Just received my madoromi Lusis face-plate, well packed and wrapped! :3
      Really quick, reliable and nice seller! ^^
    17. I have just recieved my madoromi B-El faceplate, very safely packed! I could not be more pleased with this seller, thank you!
    18. very good feed back , good seller and fast deliverye thank you so much ^^
    19. recieved my sleeping sist today! very well packaged, great seller ;)
    20. Great transaction, perfect condition and packing and very prompt delivery.