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Feedback for moniee

Jun 20, 2009

    1. Hi! As I slowly start to buy some things on the marketplace, i thought i'll open a feedback topic for myself.....
      Please, if you had transaction with me, leave a feedback here! :):chocoberry
      Thank you!;)

    2. Wow first post lol

      I had a very pleasant transaction. Moniee was prompt in payment and kept good communication throughout!

      I would definitely deal with again!
    3. I've had trade with moniee. She's a great person to deal with :) good communication and quick shipping ^^
      hope to deal with her in future :D
    4. I commissioned Moniee to do a watercolor of my two MSDs. Communication was great and Moniee finished my commission very promptly! The art itself is gorgeous and I'm so pleased with this transaction. I would definitely commission Moniee again... And I probably will!
    5. I just recently traded with Moniee and it was a splendid transaction. She gave me a watercolored picture of my two boys for a dresser I was selling and I have to say it was one hell of a trade! <---Pardon my language ^^ I really enjoyed the drawing, she got it to me promptly and she let me know when her new dresser got to her. :D I definitely do business with her again and will recommend her to anyone! XD
    6. I bought a dress from moniee through ebay. The dress was lovely quality, she shipped fast and it arrived safe.
      Thanks a lot. :)
    7. Moniee participated in my Iplehouse GO.
      She paid very fast, communication was nice and always friendly. Ewerything went smoothly.
      I highly recomend her! 100% positive! ^^
    8. I took part in a Soom Nelphelin split ran by Moniee
      She was a pleasure to deal with throughout ^_^
    9. I took parts on Moonie Nephelim split and I'm mediate for Juno on French Forum for dragon's parts.
      It's was a great pleasure to deal with you!
      Communication was fast and very friendly. Shipping was fast too :3
      I highly recomend her!
    10. I was a participant in Moniee's split for SOOM Nelphelin. Everything was wonderful. She was a great pleasure to deal with, and I'm happy to have participated. She was prompt with keeping us updated, and shipped out everything quickly and securely. I wouldn't hesitate to be in on another order if the opportunity ever came. Highly recommended, if not perfect split leader.
    11. Moniee is amazing! She made me some perfect wings for my doll and they came out even better than I could have dreamed. She was nice and sweet all the way through and everything arrived safe. I definitely recommend her for wing commissions, and I liked her work so much I'm asking her to faceup my doll now. :)
    12. I commissioned a pair of custom Wings for my MSD from Moniee. She was amazing to talk to and work with. She never left me hanging on the front of what my wings looked like where she was in the process, and everything. I am defiantly looking forward to commissioning her again with my new wing project.

      I am so very impressed with how well they fit, how well they pose (yes they pose) I have a bit of movement with the bending of them to pose. I am looking forward to finishing the doll they belong too.

      THANK YOU AGAIN! I look forward to working with you again!
    13. Positive feedback for Moniee :) I traded my tiny head for a SD dollheart shirt. Communication was great, she is a very nice person to deal with. She was very attentive and helpful. She sent more pictures on request, and she even sent the shirt by registered priority shipping on my request, which tripled the shipping costs on her side (because I don't trust local post services anymore).
      Thanks for everything, Moniee!!! ^_^
    14. Moniee painted my Soom Lami head as part of a trade. Communication was prompt and the transaction went very smoothly. She did a wonderful job with the faceup, and the head was packed securely with lots of bubble wrap. Highly recommended. Thanks again!
    15. I traded Moniee an MSD head for a pair of her beautiful wings, and the transaction was flawless! ^_^ She was an absolute sweetheart to deal with and I would most definitely do business with her again! Highly recommended seller and trader! :D
    16. Moniee painted my Vivien head and she was a real pleasure to deal with. She was very friendly and answered my messages promptly, and the faceup is more than I was hoping for, I love it! &#9829; I would definitely get another faceup from moniee anytime! Highly recommended.
    17. I am sooooo late leaving this feedback. But I purchased an item from this lovely person. Everything went super well ! thank you !
    18. moniee is very kind women and i am always happy to work with her , very friendly and very kind , highly recommend to all of you ,she is the one of the best friends of you.

      someone know her e-mail , i need it because i prepared the gift for her already long time but cann't reach her due to her message box are full , if you can tell her, it will be high appreciated .
    19. I bought a doll from moniee and it was a very nice transaction.
      The doll was shipped and arrived quickly and communication was great. I highly recommend her!
      Thanks again~ (^__^)