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Feedback For Monika

Sep 1, 2008

    1. Please post your feedback/remarks from our transactions (if I bought/sold anything from you) here. :D

      My ebay name's monikarinoa, just in case. ^_^

      Here's an optional format for anyone who bought from me ('cause I really want to hear from my customers):

      Item Bought/Sold:

      Quality Of Item:
      Was the price reasonable for a custom-made furniture?:
      How was the service?:
    2. Item Bought/Sold:
      Price:115USD (i think.. lol)

      Quality Of Item: looks really good on the pics^^

      Was the price reasonable for a custom-made furniture?: yeah.. its affordable.. and really good for quality furniture

      How was the service?:really good.. excellent.^^ she answers all my buggy questions. and is paitient with me.. ^^; trustworthy person

      Remarks:she's nice.. she thinks TAT's speed of working wasn't very fast and so she gave me free-shipping for my stuff.. which is really nice.. and i appreciate it alot.