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Feedback for Moonbreeze

Jan 2, 2011

    1. I sold a YoSD dress to Moonbreeze. She sent payment quickly and was pleasant to work with. Thanks so much!
    2. Moonbreeze bought a JID body and Bambicrony head from me. She paid right away and let me know as soon as the doll arrived! :) Her communication was excellent! I'd love to do business with her again! :D

      Thank you! A+ :D
    3. I sold a dress to Moonbreeze, prompt payment and friendly buyer!
    4. I bought an Angelfantasy Koli from Moonbreeze. The doll was exactly as described, and there were a bunch of dresses with her! The shipping time probably only seemed long because I was impatient. For international shipping, it was pretty quick!
    5. Great buyer!! :D

      I sold 2 pair of SD shoes to her. She needed a long holding time and we agreed on terms. She was always nice and fast with communication and prompt with payment.

      Highly recommended!! Thanks a lot!!
    6. Moonbreeze bought a pair of yosd hands from me & the transaction was effortless from start to finish. She paid promptly & maintained friendly PMs throughout. I highly recommend Moonbreeze! Thank you!
    7. I sold a wig to Moonbreeze. She was very friendly, quick to respond, and quick to send payment as well. A very smooth and pleasant transaction and a pleasure to do business with!
    8. Moonbreeze commissioned me for two dresses. She was a pleasure to deal with, prompt payment, clear on what she wanted, absolutely the perfect customer! I would definitely do business with her again.

      Thanks again! :)
    9. Moonbreeze bought a Dollheart set for YOSD, a leekeworld wig & 2 headbands from me. She is friendly to deal with, prompt payment and quick respond. Hope to trade with you again~~^^
    10. Moonbreeze purchased my F01 and she was a truly delightful buyer to deal with. Everything was perfect from straight to finish. She sent payment immediately and had very excellent communication. I have came across no problems with anything in the dealing and would highly recommend her as a buyer to any seller! Thanks again. ^o^ Was lovely in every way.
    11. Moonbreeze participated in the YoSD Boy Outfit Swap. She was a real pleasure, had great communication and was extremely flexible! Highly recommended for a swap, and I'd happily have her join any others I host. :) Thank you!
    12. Moonbreeze participated in my Doll's Best Friend Swap. She shipped on time and sent an awesome swap to her partner. Very good to work with. recommended!~
    13. Another smooth transaction with Moonbreeze! :D I bought a Bambicrony head from her and she was a delight to work with! She shipped her very quickly (and in the cutest little box ever)! I'm very happy with the transaction and would love to work with her again! :D

      Another A+ :D
    14. Moonbreeze bought Luts winter head from me. All the transaction goes so well. She always reply back so fast and very fast when pay payment. She really friendly and fun to talk with. :) . I'm very happy with the transaction from the start to finish. Thank you so much... Definitely a perfect buyer. ;). Would love to transaction with her again. :aheartbea
    15. Moonbreeze bought a jewelry piece from me! Communication was excellent and she was really friendly throughout the transaction. Payment was done quickly too. Would highly recommend this buyer!! :)
    16. Moonbreeze participated in the Swap Swap version 3! Her gifts were appropriate, priced well, and sent out within the proper shipping dates. Her partner loved her gifts! Thanks for participating~ :)
    17. Moonbreze bought me shoes for MSD and all perfect, fast payment, excellent comunication, thanks!
    18. Moonbreeze bought a pair of jeans from me. Communication was good, and payment was quick. Thanks! :)
    19. Moonbreeze bought minifee clothes from me. Communication was excellet and friendly. Very fast payment. Highly recommended!! :D
    20. Moonbreeze participated in the music swap i hosted but not only that she was my partner! due to size/allergies issues i wound up having to stick her with my boy as a partner even though she had told me she isnt very good at making pants and would like to have had a girl partner, i told her my crazy goth boy was fine with skirts so it was ok...

      well she sent far more than expected and it blew my mind the quality of the gifts... she wound up having to buy most of her gifts but they definately matched the song in my opinion, and the pieces she made were beyond gorgeous and my dollie loved everything!

      now im hopeing that one day in another swap i will get her as my partner so i can return the favor of such awesome gifts and i would LOVE to have her in another one of my swaps any day! thank you so much moonbreeze for being in my swap and helping to make it so much fun!