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Feedback for MoonlightAngelBaby

Jan 30, 2011

    1. Howdee! :D

      I didn't see a feedback thread for this member, so I decided to start one for them. If you have dealt with this member, please record your feedback for them here in this thread!!

      ~(^o^~) Thankies! (~^o^)~

      Whoo! Let me kick things off now that the thread is up. ;)

      MoonlightAngelBaby was a participant in my eighteenth Leekeworld group order and everything was simply swell from start to finish. Communication from their end was friendly and well kept and payments were sent in a swift fashion. Smooth and easy to deal with, this was a lovely transaction and I have nothing bad to say~

      Thank you for your participation in this group order.
      I do hope that your experience was nothing short of a pleasant one.
    2. ~<3~ Took place in one of my Dollmore Group orders and everything went very smoothly, would love to work with again! ~<3~