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.:*:Feedback for Moontouched:*:.

Apr 5, 2010

    1. Hi everyone! Leave feedback for any transactions with me here. Please and thankyou! :)
    2. Moontouched bought some shoes off of me. Communication was excellent and payment was prompt. I hope to do business with again in the future. Thank you so much! :)
    3. Positive :) I did a trade with Moontouched--she did some original art for me in exchange for a wig. It was a great experience! We had really good, friendly communication, and the artwork is gorgeous. And she finished and sent it very quickly. It was a very nice trade and I would be thrilled to work with her again.
    4. My transaction with Moontouched was very positive. I sold her a wig and she paid promptly. She also notified me when she had received the wig. I wouldn't hesitate to do another transaction with her.
    5. A+
      I did a partial trade with Moontoutched.
      -Great communication
      -Prompt payment
      -Great product

      I would definitely do business with Moontoutched again!
    6. Moontouched created some artwork for me in trade for a dress. The artwork was done quickly and well. She listened to my request and description and the image was even better than I had dreamed!! She is a great artist and I would definitely conduct business with Moontouched again!!
    7. Moontouched drew some lovely digital art of my original character, Sylvyrr, in exchange for an SD-sized fur wig I was selling. The art is absolutely perfect, and was finished in record time, too! All in all, an A+ transaction, and I would definitely do business with Moontouched again. :D
    8. Moontouched traded some fantastic digital art for a pair of the eyes I was selling. Communication was fantastic the whole time and the art,which can be seen in my profile, is amazing! I would definitely do business with Moontouched again... This was my first experience with trades and it was awesome!
    9. Moontouched and I decided to do a trade, digital art for a pair of eyes. The art is gorgeous! I am so happy with it! :D Moontouched is absolutely wonderful to deal with and gets the art to you zippy quick. Definitely recommended. A++
      Thank-you very much!
    10. Moontouched bought a delf fur wig from me. She was a perfect buyer--paid quickly and was friendly and communicative throughout the transaction. Thanks for a quick and easy transaction!
    11. Moontouched bought a couple of wigs from me. Communication was great, she paid super fast, and let me know when they arrived. She's absolutely wonderful to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Thank you so much for a perfect transaction! <3
    12. Sold a customised handmade furwig to Moontouched. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    13. Moontouched bought a wig from me. She paid fast and let me know when she got it. I would sell her anything in the future with no problems.
    14. Moontouched bought a ResinSoul Gang head from me and she was a wonderful buyer. She paid me right away and was very friendly, showing me pictures of when he arrived and keeping me updated. Thanks a lot~ ^_^ I would love to work with her again in the future.
    15. Moontouched bought a pair of jointed Soom hands from me. The transaction was perfectly smooth, could not ask for better! Would do business again any time, highly recommended! Thank you so much!!
    16. Moontouched purchased a Souldoll wig from me. The transaction went perfectly; she's a very pleasant person to deal with. <3 Thanks a bunch!
    17. Leaving positive feedback for Moontouched. I have a wonderful transaction with her. She purchased a pair of doll eyes from me. Payment was quick and the communication was wonderful. Thank you so much!
    18. Moontouched - Bought a Domuya Elf boy from me and did a short layaway. She was prompt with payments and Emails. Would do a sell with her again. Great buyer! Thanks and Enjoy ~
    19. +1 Positive! Moontouched bought a wig from me. She was a pleasure to deal with, and I would definitely do business with her again ^^ Thank you for the lovely transaction!
    20. A++ buyer! Moontouched purchased a body from me recently and was an ideal buyer. She paid promptly and communicated frequently. Would unquestionably sell to her again. :D