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Feedback for morbidrose

Jul 17, 2006

    1. Please leave feedback if you've had a transaction with me! Thanks!
    2. Great correspondance; item was packaged very well before shipment. Morbidrose was an excellent seller~!
    3. Very friendly to deal with and shipped the package in a very speedy fashion XD item was packaged very well. Thanks!!!
    4. I bought a yder head from morbidrose and it was well packaged, arrived quickly, and we had great communication. thanks for a great transaction!
    5. Very friendly, shipped my DoC Yu just as asked and packed him very very well !!! Thank you <3
    6. I just adopted a CP El from morbidrose. I am very happy with how the transaction went! Couldnt ask for a nicer seller!!!
      Thanks so much!
    7. MorbidRose participated in my twenty-second Leekeworld group order and from initiation to completion, everything was pleasantly smooth and easy! Their sense of communication left nothing to be desired and invoices were taken care of right away, making things nothing short of wonderful. I would gladly transact with them again and leave behind my recommendations as well~

      [ &#9829; &#9830; &#9827; &#9824; ]
      &#9786;][ T h a n k i e s!! ][&#9786;
      [ &#9829; &#9830; &#9827; &#9824; ]
    8. I sold a Dollzone fur coat to MorbidRose and was very pleased with the entire transaction. She was friendly and great to deal with&#8212;prompt with both her PMs and her payment. She also let me know when she received the coat, which I always appreciate so I know when to stop worrying. ;) I would definitely work with her again. Thank you so much!
    9. I sold some gloves. Communication was perfect, was very quick payment. Definitely do business with them in the future. Thank you!
    10. I bought an MSD size carry bag from morbidrose. Her commuication was great & she shipped it quickly; it arrived in perfect condition & just in time for me to use it on a trip to an out of town convention. I'd be more than happy to buy from her again!
    11. &#9734;&#9733;Lovely DOA'er took place in my Dollmore Group order, Would love to work with again!&#9733;&#9734;
    12. morbidrose was in my Leekeworld order. She paid fast and was a pleasure to deal with ^^
    13. I had a transaction with Morbidrose recently, and she sold me few ChicLine Lishe heads in white skin color.
      The transaction was absolutely wonderful, the communication was fluid, and Morbidrose is very lovely and kind person to deal with. There was some problems with the shipping which made Morbidrose pay twice the shipping price. I can't thank her enough for going trough all that mess, which was not her fault at all but the PO she was dealing with.
      The heads were packed very carefully, and she shipped the heads super fast. Everything went perfectly in this transaction.
      I will highly recommend Morbidrose to anyone, and I would do a transaction with her again in a heartbeat.
    14. I bought Fairyland Minifee Active Line Girl Body from morbidrose. It was neatly packed and arrived very quickly.
      Thank you very much! :D
    15. I bought a MNF body from Morbidrose. She is a pleasure to deal with, with prompt communication, and super fast shipping. Thanks!
    16. Positive Feedback

      I bought a pair of Cheerydoll jeans for SD from Morbidrose. Communication was fast, shipping was fast and they were packed safely. It was a flawless transaction! Thanks so much!
    17. Just finished a great transaction with Morbidrose. She purchased a minifee head from me and the whole transaction from start to end was perfect!!! She was friendly and paid really quickly!
      I would have another transaction with Morbidrose in a heartbeat :)
    18. I did a partial trade with morbidrose. I traded my MNF Juri 10 head for her Delf Yder, and the rest I paid through layaway. It was a great transaction, communication was perfect, and he arrived in pristine condition~ Thank you so much for selling this boy to me. I absolutely love him~ Thank you. &#9829;
    19. I bought a Dream of Doll Twing-Key from morbidrose who was friendly and easy to communicate with. The DOC was shipped promptly, packaged nicely, and arrived in perfect condition. I'd definitely buy from mobidrose again!
    20. I purchased a pair of red Luts ankle boots from Morbidrose. She was friendly and responded quickly, shipping was superfast, and the boots are in excellent condition. I would recommend her and would buy from her again.