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Feedback for Morriscode

Sep 30, 2009

    1. Please post feedback for Morriscode here. Thank You.
    2. Morriscode bought doll outfits from me. Great transaction with prompt payment, thanks!
    3. Morriscode bought a top hat from me. It was a wonderful, smooth transaction. Very good customer!
    4. Morriscode joined my Dollmore group order and was absolutely a dream to deal with. She was very understanding through the issues and kept great communication. Paid on time! Definitely has my vote of confidence!
    5. Morriscode bought my IP Aaron and all the transaction went smooth and friendly. All the payments were sent always in time so I highly recommend her as a seller. Thanks so much for ALL !!!!
    6. Edit for some english faults sorry !!!
    7. I sold a SD dress set to her. She was a total pleasure, she paid promptly and kept nice communication. Thanks a lot!! :D
    8. Sold a White SD Fer to her. Paid quickly and very nice to work with. Thanks! :)
    9. Had a great transaction with Morriscode, she bought my Ruru body and accessories on a short layaway. Great communication and payment. would not hesitate to do business with again. thanks!
    10. Morriscode joined a group order that I hosted. The payment went very smoothly and the communication is good.
      Thank you for joining the group order~ :D
    11. Sold a pair of miniature spectacles/glasses to morriscode. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    12. participated in my lates GO and was fantastic.
    13. It was a pleasure to work with Morriscode, very prompt with payment. I look forward to hearing more from her.
    14. Morriscode participated in my Leeke GO. Payments were all on time and she was very good to deal with.

      Thank you!
    15. Morriscode particiapted in the Jessica Hu group order and was extrememly patient during my crisis period.
      All around good experience as usual.
    16. Morriscode participated in my happy camillie GO, paid quickly and was patient with the very long wait! Thank you!
    17. Morriscode participated in a Soom Group Order that I ran a little while ago, and was a perfectly lovely participant. Prompt payment and relatively smooth communication!
    18. Morriscode participated in an Iplehouse group order run by me. Everything on her end went smoothly and promptly.
    19. Morriscode participated in my recent Dollmore Group order. Your prompt payment was very much appreciated!
    20. Morriscode bought a doll from me on layaway. All payments were prompt and smooth.

      Thank you:daisy I hope you enjoy the Dollshe boy.