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Feedback for Mortelle

Feb 28, 2007

    1. Please leave a comment if you've had a transaction with me! :)
    2. Did a small dollmore group order with Mortelle, excellent communication and paid promptly n_n a very enjoyable person to work with! :kitty2 i would never hesitate to deal with her again!

      Upon further dealings with Mortelle, I would advise against dealing with her unless you are simply buying or selling. More detailed transactions seem to be dealt with in a less than mature or businesslike manner. I regret having to say this, but I don't want anybody going through what I went through myself. Please proceed with caution with this member if you plan on doing more than just simple buying or selling.
    3. Sold a Juri 06 head to Mortelle - constant, pleasant communication throughout the transaction, and paid promptly, no problems what so ever :)!
    4. Participated in a group order organized by Mortelle, which was executed smoothly and promptly.
      Mortelle is extremely pleasant and accommodating; she helped me order my Iplehouse Lion from the company website.
      Overall, an amazing person to deal with and I would recommend her to everyone!
    5. Mortelle bought a body from me recently as part of a split, and she was wonderful to deal with! She paid promptly, didn't hesitate to ask questions, and was just a dream. I highly recommend her, and would definitely do business with her again!
    6. I bought 2 pairs of eyes from Mortelle. All my PMs were answered promptly and the eyes were shipped quickly. Thanks very much!
    7. I bought 2 wigs and some eyes from Mortelle and not only was everything better than described, but I got my items super fast- way faster than some things that ship here in the US! Also everything was packaged safely too. A++++ seller!
    8. I sold Mortelle an MSD body. She's really lovely! Keeps in touch and always sends friendly PMs. Just the sort of buyer there should be more of ^^

      Can't wait to see your doll all finished!
    9. Sold a wigto Mortelle. Pleasant communication throughout the transaction. A good buyer to deal with. Thank you.
    10. Mortelle bought a dress from me & the transaction was very pleasant with prompt communication & payment. I would not hesitate to enter into another transaction with Mortelle & can highly recommend. :)
    11. I just had a wonderful transaction with Mortelle. She bought my CH Mars head and she payed very promptly. She was very nice to talk to, and very understanding about Canadian post -lol-, and very nice deal with, and I would love to deal with her agian. ^__^
    12. I sold Mortelle some items and it was a smooth and pleasant transaction. :) Many thanks!
    13. Bought two kimono from Mortelle - friendly, great communication and the items arrived quickly - a pleasure doing business with you! :D
    14. Mortelle bought an MSD dress from me and the whole thing couldn't be more pleasant! She paid quickly and had great communication! It was definitely a good experience throughout :)
    15. participated in my dollmore group order. quick payments and very friendly. a pleasure to do business with
    16. I bought a pair of eyes and eyelashes from Mortelle. They took a little longer to get here that I'm used to (3 weeks), but she's otherwise a wonderful seller with great communication. Thank you, Mortelle!!
    17. Great seller and very patient while I took forever to make up my mind. :)
      Thank you!
    18. Mortelle sold me her beautiful Juri '06 head. She was very nice and replied to my PMs quite quickly. Thank you so much! He's beautiful and I'm so glad I went ahead and got him. ^____^
    19. Mortelle purchased some shoes from me. Quick payment, good communication. Excellent transaction.
    20. I bought a pair of leather pants from Mortelle. She's a great seller! They arrived very quickly and were in perfect condition. There was great communication in the transaction. Thank you. :)