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Feedback for Mrae

Jul 11, 2006

    1. Since I coudln't find one, I am setting one up. This is a feedback thread for Mrae. I just completed a transaction as part of a group order that I held and Mrae was a pleasure to work with. I hope to work with you again!
    2. Mrae is a wonderful buyer, she pays promptly, always keeps great communication and is a total sweetie to boot! Thanks again :daisy
    3. Sold a wig to Mrae. Excellent to deal with. I hope you enjoy it lots. <3
    4. Sold a Volks Sweatshirt and Scarf set to Mrae and she paid extremely fast! Thank you :)
    5. I sold a doll to Mrae. Friendly communication and fast payment! Thank you for the perfect transaction! ^^
    6. Was part of a GO I hosted - pleasant to deal with, paid quickly. Would do business with again.
    7. Mrae participate in my luts group order. Great communication and fast payment. Thank you
    8. Mrae bought a wig from me. Good buyer! Great communication! Thanks :)
    9. Mrae was part of my massive 20 Toshiya minimee head group order, and I'd definitely have no problems with future sales with her Fast payment, friendly pm's and let me know when he'd arrived! Many thanks and thanks for taking part in the group order!
    10. Another great transcation with Mrae! Very friendly buyer, highly recommended!
    11. Mrae bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when items arrived.
      Very nice to do business with!
    12. [SIZE="-10"]Mrae was a participant in my very first LUTS group order and everything went wonderfully, for which I am always appreciative of. :D Payments were made quickly, communication was kept up very well on her end and it was an all around pleasure to deal with with her. I wouldn't mind doing business with her again at all.

      :clover Thank you so much for being such a wonderful participant!! :clover
    13. Another great transcation with Mrae. She bought doll outfits from me, smooth transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    14. I'm back again~

      This time Mrae participated in my fifth Dollmore group order. I can't say anything that I didn't say the first time around. This was another great transaction and should we do business together again, I know that things will go just as smoothly then as well.
      :clover Thank you for being such a wonder to deal with the second time around~ :clover
    15. Mrae purchased a pair of boots from me and our transaction was :thumbup:thumbup:thumbup. She was great to deal with!!!!
    16. I bought a Volks Light Blue Trenchcoat for SD13 from Mrae :D and it was an excellent transaction!!! she responded my PM like light speed and very friendly :D the item was in 100% great condition and was shipped SO QUICK >w<!!!
      I highly recommend Mrae as a seller :D!!!
      thank you so much!!!
    17. I bought a Dollheart Outfit from Mrae. She is a wonderful person to work with. Great communication and probably one of the best packing jobs I have ever seen!! I would definitely do business with her again!
    18. Purchased a Leeke wig from her! The wig came in perfect condition!!! Its awesome! great seller!!
    19. Mrae is fast and fun to deal with :D. Couldn't be friendlier and sent some really cute extras with my clothes. Thank you so much! Sorry it took me so long to post back :X.
    20. I bought a Volks dress from Mrae. The shipping was super fast. The item was great and she was so friendly. Such a wonderful transaction. Thank you so much!