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Feedback for MrsDiablo

Feb 14, 2012

    1. Please post feedback for me here!

      Thank you!:daisy
    2. MrsDiablo bought a soom doll from me. She was very sweet and delightful to work with. Not to mention, prompt payment and great communication. Highly recommended. Thank you for a soomly transaction! <3
    3. MrsDiablo bought a soom Minette Unicenta head. She was very nice and paid very quickly. Thank you so much :) :) :)
    4. MrsDiablo purchased a Minette Unicenta body from me. The whole transaction went so smoothly, thank you again!
    5. I sold a Leeke head to MrsDiablo, payment was immediate and communications were a pleasure. Thanks so much!
    6. I sold a faceplate to Mrs.Diablo in a smooth and easy transaction. She paid quickly, was super pleasant, and let me know as soon as the package arrived. What a joy to deal with, excellent buyer! Highly reccommended, A+++++++++
    7. MrsDiablo purchased some Minifee hands from me and the whole transaction went very smoothly. She let me know when they arrived and I appreciate her business! Thank you very very much :D
    8. Another great transaction! I sold her an AS Duke's outfit and I couldn't ask for a better customer! Thank you so much! :D
    9. Paid quickly and kept in touch.
    10. Maria just bought a doll from me. She payed right away and let me know when the doll arrived. It was a very pleasant transaction. I would recommend her to anyone.
    11. MrsDiablo purchased and MiniFee head from me and the transaction was smooth and easy, not to mention pleasant, from start to finish. Communication from their end was kept up exquisitely well and payment was sent along as soon as payment information was given. I don't have even the slightest bit of a complaint to leave and would happily do business with them again. Definitely recommended~

    12. MrsDiablo bought some Heliot hooves from me, and she was a pleasure to do business with! Payment was prompt, and she let me know right when the package arrived. Thanks again! :)
    13. Sold a head to MrsDiablo, she is a great lady to do business with. Fast payment and let me know when it
      arrived. I like doing this kind of business.
      Thank you!
    14. MrsDiablo purchased some soom kitty paws from me and she was a pleasure to work with. Payment was instant, communication was pleasant and timely, she was understanding of my shipping schedule and let me know as soon as the paws arrived. I would definitely recommend her and would love to have more transactions in the future!
    15. MrsDiablo purchased a VE Shushu head from me! Transaction was fast and easy! ^^
    16. MrsDiablo purchased some Soom Goss/Thera fantasy parts from me, and was a joy to work with. Prompt payment, good communication and she let me know when the package arrived. Thanks very much!
    17. Bought a Soom Sov from MrsDiablo, awesome fast shipping and communication, and I'm incredibly thankful she wrapped each part in well enough to survive the end of the world as USPS completely crushed the box. My Sov is fine and unscathed! Thank you!!!