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Feedback For MsDeath

Mar 25, 2011

    1. plz let down your feedback for MsDeath~~~
    2. I had joined a group order for sd sized suitcases that MsDeath was hosting. She had let me sneak in at the very last moment. Her communication was great. She had contacted me when she though that things seemed to be delayed and even informed me of changes that were made to a specific detailed I paid extra for, giving me the option to back out if I wanted. The suitcases arrive securely packaged and and not long after her last email. The suitcases are so lovely and detailed. I will be looking out for future group orders hosted by MsDeath
    3. I was in a suitcase order hosted by MsDeath. We were notified of the delay from the manufacturer, but my wig and suitcase arrived looking even more beautiful than I expected them to be. :) The communication was great and I'd love to order through MsDeath again! Thanks so much! :aheartbea
    4. I had also participated in MsDeath's GO for doll's size suitcases & other things. She was friendly and helpful in all of her communication, keeping us updated about manufacturing delays and later offering us the choice for refunds when the factory's final product turned out different from the original design. ^^

      In the end, my suitcases & wigs arrived securely packaged and were even lovelier than expected. I can't be happier and won't hesitate purchasing through MsDeath again in the future! Thank you so much!! :D