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Feedback for MsLeFaye

Jul 4, 2010

    1. Mew, Mew.

      Please do leave feedback for and or about me here.
    2. Sold some MSD boots to MsLeFaye and transaction was perfect! Received quick payment and all pm's were responded to quickly. I highly recommend this member to anyone here on DoA.
      Thanks again!
    3. Great customer who paid on time and great communication. :)
    4. I sold a pair of SD pants & a choker to MsLeFaye. Communication was great & payment was quick. A perfect transaction. <3 Recommended buyer!
    5. I sold a MSD sized couch to MsLeFaye. She was excellent at communication, very fast with payment, and was extremely friendly the whole time. I would happily do business with her again! &#9829;
    6. I sold a satin kimono by Dollmore to MsLeFaye and she was wonderful to deal with, and even took the time to post a photo on my feedback thread with her doll wearing the item! Thanks for a great transaction :)
    7. sold two wigs to MsLeFaye. very nice and friendly during the whole transcations. thank you so much again~~
    8. Excellent buyer. Keeps in contact with me, and is concerned about the lost item. Luckily, the great communication solved the problem!
    9. Just sold this person a Dollmore set. Kept good commication and we meet in person as we live in the same area. Very nice and easy going person. Would sale to again.
    10. Sold her a pair of SD black leggings and she let me know when she got them even! Thank you so much! :3
    11. MsLeFaye purchased a pair of black pants from me. She was friendly and very nice to communicate with. Her payment was quick and she let me know when the item arrived to her, even provided a picture of her boy wearing them! ^^ Would definitely work with her again! Thank you so much for the great transaction!
    12. MsLeFaye bought a pair of black leather pants from me. She was quick to pay and kept in contact throughout the transaction, very nice buyer :3
    13. mslefaye recently purchased from me a pair of 16mm high-domed green glass eyes. Communication was excellent; quick and always friendly. Payment was made promptly at the time agreed upon.

      Thank you for a great transaction! I highly recommend her for any future transactions.
    14. I sueded and restrung a doll for MsLeFaye recently. I also made her a skirt. She's really pleasant to work with, and super nice. I look forward to more transactions with her!
    15. Sold a Domuya flexi-body to MsLeFaye. Since we live in the same town, we did a local pick up on the body (thank goodness, i loathe shipping!). All-around pleasant transaction, I'd definitely do business with Kat again!
    16. I sold a wig and a shirt to MsLefaye. It was a perfect transaction. She was very kind and nice throughout all pm and transaction. I would love to deal with her again. Thank you!
    17. mslefaye commissioned a shirt from me. She had references and knew exactly what she wanted, she was always quick to reply, paid fast, and was just generally great to work with. <3 I would work with her again in the future!
    18. McLefaye bought a pair of boots and a shirt from me in SD sized. Payment was quick and communication was fantastic, a great buyer!
    19. MsLeFaye bought a pair of eyes and a wig from me. Paid quickly, and let me know when the items arrived. I would highly recommend and love to work with again, Thank you so much! :)
    20. Sold a pair of 14mm eyes and received payment very quickly! Thanks for doing business :3