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Feedback for msstein (Ms. Stein)

Nov 24, 2016

    1. Please write feedback here!:)
      #1 msstein, Nov 24, 2016
      Last edited: Feb 4, 2020
    2. I've bought an Elfdoll Emma head from msstein and everything was right! They provided me pictures of the packing process, detailed description of the shipping costs, pictures of shipping receipt and answered all the questions I've made! It was a great transaction, I'm happy to have my doll now and I wouldn't hesitate doing business with msstein again!
    3. Ms.Stein recently painted my April Story Eternal Spring boy. I've had dolls painted by her before and once again I'm soooo happy with this commission! The quality of Ms.Stein's face-ups is absolutely amazing and they're incredibly detailed (the skin texture and tiny veins on my boy look so good!). Every single time she manages to create something beautiful and bring dolls she paints to life.
      Once again, thank you so much! ♥♥♥
      I'll definitely commission you for a face-up again!

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    4. Ms Stein worked on my Hoblods Gabriel head. She worked around the areas that the company that casted him (mirodoll) nearly destroyed!

      She made the head look so beautiful! so lovely that the artist who created the heads was happy to know her work is appreciated by those of us who ordered the head :)

      Thank you so much for your art Ms Stein!
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    5. I commissioned msstein to do face ups for two littlefees as well as an eye mod on one. The communication through the whole process was excellent and I love the results, it is just what I asked for. Thank you
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    6. I commissioned Msstein for a faceup for my Venitu.
      The whole process was very smooth and enjoyable. Her communication is spot on, and always very polite and prompt.
      She was receptive to the ideas that I had, and created a stunning faceup with plenty of little details that make the faceup come alive.
      I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you again! :)
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    7. I commissioned a couple face-ups for my girls and I couldn't be happier. Ms. Stein has been patient with me, communicative and very professional. She did the face-up in the estimated time, shipped fast (and safely!) and has been a pleasure to talk to. Don't hesitate to get your dolls painted by her, 100% recommended. I'll definitely comission again. THANKS! :XD::3nodding:
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    8. Ms Stein painted my Seolrok, I described as best as I could what I wanted (didn't have any good pictures that represented what I had in mind) and she managed to translate it perfectly to real life! I'm constantly admiring my doll :XD: As stated above, she is very professional and respects the deadlines she sets. Would definitely recommend! <3
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    9. Ms Stein painted my Phoenixdoll Liu and the result was amazing! She was prompt and easy to communicate with, and the quality and detail of her work is superb. Would highly recommend <3
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    10. Ms Stein painted my Mascat Heidi and she did an excellent job!
      Communication, turnaround-time and updates about the face-up were splendid as well.
      I would gladly get one of my dolls painted by Ms Stein again!
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    11. Ms.Stein painted my DollChateau Mini Bella. She made my girl looks amazing! Ms. Stein created a small work of art from my very general description. The communications was excellent!

      I honestly recommend for everyone.
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    12. MS Stein painted my Ruggedrealism Epsilon and Gamma. She is a wonderful and great artist. She followed my instruction perfectly and gave me very helpful suggestions. I can highly recommend her and it is a pleasure to work with her.
    13. Excellent face-up artist, good communication and prompt turnaround. Thank you so much for bringing my vision for my doll to life!
    14. Ms. Stein painted my Volks Kaelin and the whole process went very smoothly: she always responded quickly to my messages, sent me progress photos halfway through and followed my instructions very closely.
      She shipped the head back as soon as she was finished with her work and after seeing the face-up in person, I feel like you really get what you pay for: her work looks very delicate/intricate and you can clearly see that someone with a lot of experience did the paint job.

      Because of the current pandemic, there was a delay in shipping and I started getting worried because the tracking info didn't update for some time: Ms. Stein got back to me immediately after I asked her for help and got in contact with her local post office. She kept me updated throughout the process and I felt very strongly that she would do anything to help me regarding shipping.
      In the end, the package arrived just four days after I contacted her about it and the head was extremely well packaged, even better than when I had sent it to her. Thank you so much! :D

      I'm very, very happy with the results on my Kaelin and would 100% recommend getting a face-up by Ms. Stein!
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    15. I sent DollChateau Nikita to Ms. Stein. She modified her eye shape and painted her beautifully! I'm delighted with the effects of her work! My Nikita is exactly as I dreamed. Or even more beautiful. :love

      Ms. Stein is an extremely talented artist. Working with her is a real pleasure. :abow:
      The communications was excellent!

      I honestly recommend for everyone.
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    16. Ms.Stein painted my DollChateau Nicola. She made my girl looks amazing!
      The communications was excellent! Working with her is a real pleasure.

      I also bought two pairs of beautiful eyes made by her. They look fanastic!
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