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Feedback for Mu Shu

Jul 3, 2009

    1. Mu Shu commissioned a faceup from me for her Bobobie Ophelia. She was a complete delight to work with. Excellent communication and she let me know the moment her girl arrived home.

      Many thanks again Mu Shu :)

    2. Mu Shu Commissioned another faceup from me and was as wonderful this time as last.

      Thanks again for the perfect transaction Mu Shu :)

    3. Miss Mu Shu commissioned me for two faceups recently and was a wonderful client to work with. She was always so friendly, and quick to respond to my PMs~ She's very patient and understanding person. I would gladly work with her anytime, and paint her dolls again! Thanks dear, I'm glad you enjoy them!
    4. Mu Shu commissioned me for a faceup for her little AoD Fei, and she was an absolute gem to work with. Very sweet and excited about the process. :) She paid quickly and let me know as soon as she arrived back home. I'd be happy to work for her again anytime! :) <3
    5. Mu Shu sent her little Yo-Sd for me to restring and suede. Communication.....excellent. Payment......fast. Just a joy to deal with. Thanks !!!!!
    6. Mu Shu bought a Dollmore Tan Asha from me. She paid fast and was a delight to deal with. Also let me know how happy she was with her new girl.
    7. Mu Shu purchased my Suntan Dollmore Momo. Communication was great and payment was prompt. I would love to do business with her again!
    8. Mu Shu bought a wig from me. Great communication, fast payment. A perfect transaction. I would definitely do business with her again!
    9. Mu Shu purchased an outfit from me and everything was just soo perfect! Thanks so much!
    10. I have had the pleasant opportunity to sell a dress to Mu Shu, she was quick to answer emails and a lightening fast payee. Delightful young lady to have a transaction with.
      I Highly Recommend Mu Shu to all here on DoA.
      :daisy Thank you Jennifer :daisy
    11. I sold an Antique Lace Fer to Mu Shu, communication was excellent and always very fast. She was a really wonderful buyer and I would definitely recommend her and sell to her again :D
    12. Mu Shu purchased a Val Zeitler Marie Antoinette outfit/wig/shoe set from me.
      It was a perfectly smooth transaction. Very wonderful and courteous buyer, she had reminded me that I had forgotten to send her invoice. I would definitely love to do business with her in the future. Enjoy your outfit. Thanks :)
    13. I just sold a few hats to Mu Shu and had a most excellent customer experience! She paid promptly and was very communicative and super friendly all throughout the transaction. She also let me know as soon as her package arrived which was very kind and thoughtful. She's an absolute sweetie and I would gladly sell to and/or purchase from her again and again! Thank you so much;)
    14. Mu Shu bought a Dollheart dress set from me. The transaction was perfect, good communication and quick payment. Would love to deal with again! Thanks!
    15. This is awfully late, but Mu Shu bought a Val Zeitler outfit from me and everything went as smooth as butter! I would definitely recommend!
    16. I sold a tan Nabi Kiss to Mu Shu. She paid quickly and had excellent communication, and even let me know when she arrived. Would definitely transact with again!
    17. Mu Shu bought DM Lisa Rubik head from me and it was absolutely a perfect tranaction.
      She paid very promptly and let me know when she arrived.
      Communication was also very friendly and she always responsed fast.
      I would definitely do business with her again!! Highly recommended!!!!
    18. Mu Shu brought severial pairs of doll glass eyes from me, she paied super fast!
      good to hear that the goods arrived at you safely!
    19. Mu Shu sent several dolls to me to modify, adjust, and enhance and her communication and forethought regarding shipping were outstanding. Very smooth through and through. Thanks Jennifer !!!!!!!!!!
    20. Mu Shu just purchased a couple of Dollheart outfits from me and she was just a dream customer! Payment was very fast, communication was wonderfully pleasant and she let me know when her package arrived which is always so appreciated. Thank you!!