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Feedback for Muddust

Jan 27, 2009

    1. I've only bought a couple things but I figure it's good to start early:) So if I've bought anything from you please leave some feedback!
    2. muddust bought a pair of pants from me.
      Communications were quick and clear. Payment was fast. ^_^
      She is all round an excellent buyer. :D
    3. Muddust bought some fishnets from me, she was quick to pay, with great communiction. A great buyer, I would love to do business with again!
    4. Muddust purchased a handmade dress by me from my Etsy/DOA shop.
      They were VERY desicive & made a quick payment. I am happyt to have such a sweet client.

      Thank You Muddust & Please Come Again
    5. Muddust bought a little handmade cardigan from me. She paid on time and communication was great. Thanks again hun! :chocoberry
    6. Muddust bought a MNF Miyu from me. It took a few days to get the paypal set up but everything went smoothly and payment was super quick!
      I'd love to do business again~
    7. Muddust purchased a MiniFee Sleeping Miyu Head from me and was just awesome throughout the entire transaction to deal with. :D She sent payment right away, is very friendly and great with communication! I wouldn't hesitate at all to do business with her again!

      :clover Enjoy your new girl and thank you for a wonderful transaction!! :clover
    8. I sold Muddust a pair of acrylic eyes. She was very pleasant and communicative. Payment was sent quickly. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks for the transaction. :)
    9. I recently traded with muddust and she was an absolute delight from beginning to end! I highly recommend her :)
    10. Muddust bought a dollheart set from me and paid immediately! I would happily do business again!
    11. Muddist bought some doll clothes from me, she was very communicative and paid swiftly. I'd happily do business with her again, such a pleasure to work with!
    12. muddust participated in my dollmore group order! Great communication and quick payments! Thank you!
    13. muddust was a fantastic buyer of two fur wigs! Quick communication and payment, and lovely overall. Thanks for a great transaction!
    14. I sold a BC Kiera to muddust, she made fast payment, good buyer, thank you so much ^^
    15. Did a trade wih Muddust, everything went great and packaging was excellent! A+++++ :)
    16. Muddust participated in my fifth Fairyland group order and once again, this was another wonderful transaction. Payments were sent swiftly and communication was kept up extremely well. :whee: I wouldn't ever hesitate to deal with her again~~

      :clover Thank you for participating in one of my group orders! ^o^ I hope that your experience was an enjoyable one! :clover
    17. I traded Muddust for a Bambicrony Kiera :aheartbea. She has absolutely super communication, very easy to work with, ships quickly, and is overall a wonderful trade partner.

      Thank you!
    18. I trade my piposdoll bao for Muddust's zaoll.
      Communication was easy and pleasant, Muddust is such an adorable person !
      She lets me know when she sends her half of the trade, and when Bao arrives.

      The zaoll arrives unstrung (I ask for it), very well protected and packaged.
      Doll is in a perfect condition, with clothes and certificate of authenticity... exactly like a new doll!

      Thank you so much for this perfect trade !
    19. I bought an MNF boy body from muddust and things went "swimmingly" everything was so great - communication was pleasant and wonderful, I received my package so quickly and my new boy was packed with such care. muddust has been very nice to talk to and to work with I highly recommend her as a seller. I would absolutely buy again.

      Thanks so much muddust!!! I hope you get your new girl soon. :pcupcake
    20. muddust bought a luts wig from me. Payment was fast and communication was great! Muddust was very understanding about my delay in shipping too! A great buyer!