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Feedback for MuhKuh

Jan 18, 2009

    1. Guess I should start one...

      Feel free to leave any kind of feedback! :)
    2. I sold my CP El to MuhKuh. ^_^ She paid quickly, communication was great and she was very friendly in PMs. Thanks so much!
    3. I bought a doll from MuhKuh and the transaction was perfect, friendly and it was a real pleasure !!! The doll was well packaged and arrived safely. Thanks for ALL !!! :D
    4. Bought a body from MuhKuh and she was nice and very easy to get in contact with. Shipping was super fast.

      SUPER seller ^^

      Thank you for a nice and great transaction <3
    5. MuhKuh bought a Heliot head from me. Excellent transaction. Highly recommented.
    6. I sold hybrid Heliot/Cuprit hooves to MuhKuh and all was perfect with a prompt payment and a very nice communication. Thanks so much ! I recommend her to everyone :-)
    7. Muhkuh purchased the limited soom Heliot outfit and boots from me. The transaction was very pleasant, and I would gladly do business with this buyer again. Thank you so much for the friendly communication. I highly recommend her as well. <3
    8. MuhKuh won my SOOM MD Amber auction and was a pleasure to deal with. Swift payment, communication was great and all around a wonderful transaction. Thank you very much and Enjoy! =D
    9. She bought from me a pair of Soom Cuprit's hooves; she is a pleasure to deal with: very friendly, good communication, fast payments. Thank you!
    10. Nice, patient & reliable buyer, highly recommended.^_^
      Thanks love!
    11. I bought a souldoll body from MuhKuh , transaction was perfect
      The doll was very well packaged and arrived safely. Thanks for ALL
    12. sold my supergem girl body to muhkuh, wonderful transaction overall, paid fast and was a pleasure to deal with. thankx!
    13. I buy/partially trade Cuprit's hooves to MuhKuh.
      The communication was more than perfect, really clear and friendly.

      She let me know when she send the hooves. They were really well packaged, all arrives in a perfect state.

      Thank you really much for this great transaction !

      Kisses !
    14. I bought a Supia Rosy head from MuhKuh and everything was perfect! :)
      She's very friendly and really really fast and the head was wonderfully packaged.

      Thank you for the great transaction <3
    15. I sold my Bory.She paid quickly, communication was great and she was very friendly in PMs
      Thank you for the great transaction
      very very recomendable! thanks!!
    16. I bought a lovely Dod Shall head from MuhKuh and I'm very happy for great communication !! She's very friendly , and I hope add more transaction with her :):)
      Thanks for this doll and for your gentility !!:chocoheart:aheartbea
    17. Very friendly and understanding person. Thanks for all, MuhKuh.
    18. I bought from MuhKuh a Soom Heliot head. Communication was nice and easy, she is a great seller, i only can recommend her. :D
      She posted the package right after the payment, and also packed really carefully the head.
      Thank you very much! :aheartbea
    19. I bought a kdf bory boy from Mukkuh
      It was a nice transaction
      she is a great seller
      The package was shipped very fast and very well packed
      thanks so much!!!
    20. I sold my DOT Camine head to Mukkuh. Great transaction, very good communication and quick payment. I'd be happy to deal with her again. Thank you~