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Feedback for Muisje

Nov 10, 2006

    1. Please leave a comment when you've bought something from me or sold something to me. Many thanks. ^_^
    2. Sold a pair of eyes to Muisje -- very prompt payment and great communication. I would be more than happy to deal with Muisje again n_n
    3. I sold a Unidoll Jace head to Muisje^^
      An excellent buyer!! Fast payment, smooth communication -- really hope I can deal with you again^^
    4. I sold a Dollmore Orlando Ray head to Muisje. Communications were excellent, she paid promptly and was also patient when I could not ship right away. Muisje is great to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.
    5. I bought a used doll body from Muisje.
      Her price for the part was extremely affordable, and she agreed to do a partial trade with me.
      She was quick and polite on her communication, and overall a trustworthy seller.
      Thanks again for a wonderful trade.
      I'm sure my now no more headless boy will appreciate it also. <3 <3
    6. Bought Muisje's amazing Horror Modded Dollmore Ray head, the quality and details of the mod are just outstanding! She was great to deal with, kept perfect communication and shipped the head promptly. I'm really honored to be able to have this one join my group, she's even more beautiful in person! Thanks again!
    7. Muisje bought a Lu-Wen head from me. Payment was very quick and communication was friendly. Great buyer! She was also very patient when the head took a bit of extra time to arrive and always kept me updated throughout the transaction. Thanks so much!
    8. I sold a head to Muisje, and the transaction was very clear and fast. She was very patient with me and understood that I was working away from home and had a bit of drama with getting her pictures and so on. I agree that she is a great buyer, I would not hesitate to do business with her again.
    9. I bought a pair of Sr. Delf hands from Muisje. Everything went very well, and I would love to do business with her again. thank you
    10. bought a horror mod shushu from her on layswayz, great to deal with XD
    11. I bought an Abadon head from Muisje and everything went perfect,
      very good communication and shipping was really quick!!
      I highly recommend her ^^
      Thank you so much!
    12. Great to deal with and good communications. Paid promptly and everything! You are welcome back anytime!
    13. Great communication and prompt payment. Thanks so much! I highly reccommend Muisje.
    14. Sold a cp boy body to Muisje, she paid timely and was a pleasure to deal with. Would happily buy or sell to.
    15. I bought a new elfdoll body from Muisje and everything very well. Great transaction and good communications.
      I highly recommend her ^^ Thank you so much !
    16. Muisje took place in my puki split, a while back. Great communication, and very understanding! What a great person. <3
    17. Purchased a Cheridoll lani from muisje. great comunication good patience when i had a few transaction issues. lani arrived in great condition as described. would love to do business again!
    18. I bought a pair of Dollheart boots from muisje. She was very nice and looked up cheaper shipping information for me and the boots showed up fast and in perfect condition. Thanks so much! ^^
    19. I bought a Dollheart MSD shirt and SD13 ties from Muisje. Great to deal with, good communication and shipped quickly.
      Thank you!
    20. Bought a body from her, great condition, good communication, quick and safe shipping.