Feedback for Muraki88

Jan 8, 2019

    1. Please post transaction feedback here, thank you!
    2. *** POSITIVE FEEDBACK ***

      Muraki88 purchased an Impldoll Azalea head from me and the transaction was flawless. Great communication, fast payment, and they even let me know when it arrived. I would gladly deal with them again!
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    3. I sold Amphibel wings to Muraki88.
      Muraki88 is a friendly and nice person, I will be happy to deal with her again. Thanks -)
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    4. I sold a pair of SOOM Obsidius paws and legs to Muraki88. Payment as prompt and communication quick and efficient. Very patient during shipping delay after the package had left my country. Thank you!
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    5. Thanks for buying Soom Odette dress. Great buyer. My best recomendations!
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    6. Murkai purchased my Soom Wish Upon the North Wind outfit. Paid in 2 installments, the second one was made earlier than expected :) Very prompt and awesome to deal with. Thanks for the business!
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    7. Muraki88 ordered me 2 wigs. Very patient customer. My best recomendations!
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    8. She ordered lots of clothes from me, everything went fine. i ordered eyes from her and everything very nice. the transaction, arrive, conversation. 10+. my recommendations for her.
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    9. I commissioned 10 miniature chinese bottles from her, not only did they look beautiful, she really went above and beyond all my expectations :) Communication was prompt and several suggestions were made which improved the bottles looks greatly.

      I would definitely commission again!
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    10. :goldstar:goldstarPositive Feedback!:goldstar:goldstar
      I commissioned a pair of resin eyes from Muraki88 and she was extremely sweet during the entire process. I really appreciated how well and consistently she communicated! She even went through the trouble of making a second pair when the first had some issues. I wouldn't have known unless she mentioned it, and I so greatly appreciate her integrity! A++++ seller!
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    11. Muraki88 is such a friendly and nice person!
      She came to Iceland for a trip and I messaged her few weeks before that.
      What for a coincidence :O so I got beautiful eyes with free shipping and some extras :o too!
      And I also gave her my doll head for a face up :D and got it back and I love it!
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    12. POSITIVE

      I sold muraki88 my SOOM Monzo outfit :)
      Communication was excellent and she paid her layaway off early!
      The transaction was perfect, I would definitely recommend doing business with her, thank you! :daisy
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    13. Bought a dollshe 28 m body from me
      Layaway went as planned.
      Very lovely to work with.
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    14. I sold a Soom Aenigma to Muraki88. Everything went smoothly - even though we were worried about sending the doll overseas during the COVID-19 problems. Communication was good throughout the process. Muraki88 is lovely to work with. I would be glad to do business with her again.
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    15. Muraki88 bought a soom Migma from us, she payd fast, and the communication was great, highly recommend as buyer
      thank you so much
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    16. My first time sending a BJD head away for a face-up and it couldn’t have been a better experience. Muraki88 recognised that I had a particular look in mind for my DC Medeas (who was bought to shell a character of mine), and was very considerate in making sure the face-up was what I wanted, sending detailed WIP pics at various stages to see if any alterations were needed (although for the most part she was spot on first time!). Very impressed with the quality of the face-up; it has the delicate, ethereal vibe I was hoping for, with lovely attention to detail. The whole process was also very efficient - Medeas was home with me much sooner than expected. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dolce Luce Designs to anyone looking for a face-up artist :).
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    17. Thank you so much it was a pleasure to work with you :)
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    18. Sold a soom fairy to muraki88, paid fast with pleasant conversation. Would absolutely recommend.
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    19. Muraki88 bought a Soom Faery from me and was a joy to deal with. Would definitely do business with again!
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      I bought a Iplehouse EID Asa Head in white skin. Muraki and I made a split buy from Iplehouse.

      The transactions, communication and shipping with her was perfectly. She helps me and informed me very well. Muraki is a wunderful, patiente and open person and seller:aheartbea. I would deal with her again and I really highly recommend her!:D

      Thank you so much Muraki.:aheartbea
      Nice regards
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