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Feedback for muse

Dec 5, 2008

    1. Hopefully this will have a bunch of good reviews in it, as I will hopefully be buying quite a few dolls in the (far flung) future.

      Please leave a few words about our transaction(s), especially citing ways I could improve in any aspect of buying/selling. Thank you very much!! :)
    2. I sold muse my Iplehouse Tania and had a wonderful transaction with her, very friendly and fast payment, a joy to do business with!
    3. Muse ordered a pair of shoe from me. A good buyer and very happy to deal with. ^_^ She made fast payment and I really recommended her. ^_^
    4. I had an excellent transaction with Muse. Super conversation and very prompt payment. I would deal with her anytime. Highly recommended! Thanks! Jane
    5. Muse bought a dress from me. She was lovely to sell to! :D
    6. I did a trade with Muse for Iplehouse JID bust parts. The trade was completed within a few days and it went perfectly! Muse was a pleasure to deal with... friendly and trustworthy! Don't hesitate to do business with her, I recommend her highly! :D
    7. Muse joined my Iplohouse GO and was a great participant with prompt payment and excellent communication. Thanks!
    8. Excellent transaction with Muse for my purchase of an IH J.I.D. outfit.

      Thank you so much,

    9. Sold Muse a Migidoll Ryu. She was always so sweet, friendly and understanding. Perfect buyer :)

    10. Muse participated in a GO I ran for MSC. She was great to deal with, paid promptly, and had good efficient communication. I would gladly do business with her again.
    11. Muse purchased a Souldoll body from me - she was really friendly, communication was great, and she followed up after she received the item. Definitely a recommended buyer!!