Feedback for Mwette

Jul 30, 2018

    1. Hey :D

      Please leave me a feedback if you have a transaction with me!

      Thank you!
    2. Mwette buy some clothes from me. It was good deal fast payment and pleasant communication. Shipping was long because covid19 but after long waiting package arrived safe.
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    3. Mwette got some clothes and shoes from me, some for grabs and some were up for sale. Decisive, fast communication, timely with payment. An overall great transaction. I was immediately notified when the packages arrived and that everything was on order. She was also very patient with the shipping as it took a couple of weeks for her to receive her parcel. 100% would work with her again
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    4. @Mwette bought some doll clothes from me. They were polite and friendly in their messages, quick to pay and kindly let me know when the parcel had arrived. I would highly recommend them as a buyer. Thank you for a quick and pleasant transaction :thumbup
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