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Feedback for myalice

Aug 1, 2008

    1. Hey everyone! Please leave a feedback for me if I did a transaction with you before. Thank you for your time(::)
    2. Alice bought 2 pairs of eyes from me. She is really friendly & paid quickly. Highly recommended. :)
    3. Alice tag along my DOD order, she bought a SD wig. Very fast with the payment and friendly! High recommended! ^^
    4. myalice bought a volks pearl default outfit + boots from me and was very pleasant to deal with - a great transaction ^^
    5. myalice bought a wig from me, it was a smooth transaction with great communication! Recommended buyer ^^/
    6. Very nice buyer, also extremely, extremely patient and understanding. i would love to work with her again :D
      please take care of "taffy" *bows *
    7. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^v
    8. myalice bought a dress from me, very nice buyer^^
    9. Alice sold me two terrific wigs, and shipped them out quickly!
    10. Bought a yo-sd outfit from her.
      Almost immediate transaction.
    11. I bought a SOOM Glot outfit from her. Our transaction was very smooth. Very friendly person! Many thanks!
    12. I bought a dress from her, and myalice was fast in shipping and the dress ist very beautifully and perfect :)
      Highly recommended! Thanks!
    13. Jamie bought a Soom Glati outfit from me. Responds to PMs well and payment was in a jiffy.
      Would love to transact with her again.
    14. Bought a soom Amber wig from myalice, great transaction.
    15. Great transaction with myalice who purchased an Eliv outfit and wig from me. Payment was very fast and communication was good. An excellent buyer. Thanks!
    16. Myalice Just Bought A Pair Of Cass Shoes From Me..she Paid Super Fast And Shes Very Friendly...
      I Would Certainly Do Business With Myalice Again
    17. I sold a YoSD Dress set to Myalice... She was extremely fast with payment, very patient and just an complete and utter sweetheart:chibi

      :thumbup:thumbup for this awesome transaction;)
    18. Myalice was great to deal with and I would do so again! She is an excellent buyer, I highly recommend her to any one who is thinking of dealing with her!
      Thank you very much Raven :)

      Myrtle in CA
    19. I sold a pair of eyes to Myalice. The payment was quick and the transaction was very smooth. She also let me know when the item arrived. thank you!
    20. Myalice bought an outfit from me, she is very nice and the payment was quick.