Feedback for Mysha

Jun 21, 2016

    1. Feedback thread for the user Mysha
    2. I bought a Ringdoll awakened Dracula head from Mysha and the whole transaction was perfect from start to finish. Mysha was understanding and sweet and I highly recvommend them to anyone as a seller or even a friend.
    3. Musha purchased RosenGarden Rui hea from me.
      Transaction wemt smooth, with fast and gentle communication and quick payment!
      Best reccomendations) :)
    4. Mysha purchased a pair of doll sandals from me. She was positively friendly in her communication, and sent payment very quickly too. Thank you for letting me know the item arrived!
    5. Mysha sold me a Venitu and was super precise about all the flaws of this guy. We agreed for a long layaway, wich was really nice considering the rarity of this doll, and communication was perfect
      I have now a gorgeous Venitu with his CoA <3
      Hightly recommend this seller!
    6. @Mysha bought a Modoll Sherlock Benedict head from me. It was a lovely transaction and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you <3
    7. I bought a pair of DF-H jointed hands from Mysha and the transaction was smooth and easy. They were very careful with wrapping and packaging the hands, and arrived with no problems. I highly recommend Mysha as a seller!
    8. I purchased a Dollzone body from Mysha just recently and the entire transaction was a pleasure! Mysha was very quick to respond with every question and concern of mine. Mysha shipped the body safely and securely! I would absolutely do business with Mysha again, and I would recommend Mysha to others as well!
    9. Positive feedback
      I traded my Wei Yuejin head for Mysha’s Duke M head. Everything went smoothly. She shipped the head as soon as the shipping option available. I’m really happy to trade with her.
    10. I bought a Dollshe body from Mysha and the whole transaction was veyr clear, great communication and did the best packing job I have ever seen, making sure the doll and all his fancy spindly hands were totally safe! :)
    11. I bougt a KDF Aengdu from Mysha and the whole transaction was super smooth. Communication was great, Aengdu was shipped out very quickly and she arrived very well packed.

      Thank you so much for everything :). I'd gladly buy from you again.