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Feedback for MysteryAya / Ebay: Jamier213

May 21, 2006

    1. If you all wouldn't mind leaving feedback if you purchased from me. thanks so much
    2. Bought a cell phone from her on Ebay and been in 3 of her Group orders
      MysteryAya is a great person to deal with fast shipping and is very nice ^^
    3. I've been in one group order with her, the SOOM eye group order and I must say, she handles group orders very well! ^_^ makes sure everyone's payments are in, submits the order to the company a.s.a.p! and sends our stuff out promptly after it arrives! I have yet to buy anything off her website or ebay name, but as for group orders she deserves a AAA+++
    4. I have participated in Schwarzaugen group orders and found it to be a smooth and pleasant experience ^_^

    5. I did a faceup for Jamie on her Hugo head. She was a great customer - very friendly and easy to work with. I highly recommend doing business with her :)
    6. I bought some phones and a gameboy last year. She was great to deal with and really fast with shipping. ^-^
    7. ZOMG Jaime rocks. Awesome communication, wonderful and friendly to deal with... I would buy anything from Jaime ANYTIME. much love for Jaime!!
    8. I bought some gun props for my boys.. XD Wonderful transaction, fast shipping.. no complaints here :D I'd deal with MysteryAya anytime!
    9. I have done two SOOM group orders with Jamie, and she does a superb job. The last order was submitted, received, and sent out in record time! I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her - she's great! :)
    10. She's a really great seller!!!!
    11. I've bought from Jamie's prop shop three times and will be buying from her many times in the future as well! She's quick to answer questions and my items have always shipped quickly.
    12. I bought a pair of eyes of unknown origin. They were in very good condition, as promised, and delivered promptly. I was very happy with dealing with MysteryAya.
    13. I've purchased a number of things from Jamie and every transaction was terrific!
    14. I've purchased a number of things from Jamie and every transaction was terrific!
    15. Hi,
      I have purchased things a couple times and always speedy service- items packed well and exactly what I wanted- thanks :)
    16. Jamie Rocks!!! Great seller and super friend:) Highly recommend.
    17. I bought a gameboy (Caly's favorite item, in fact! XD) and it arrived quickly with a sweet note. :) I HIGHLY recommend MysteryAya! :D
    18. i have sold a few things to this lovely girl and she pays prompty [right away] each time
      communication was good too and she let me know when the item arrived. ^^
    19. Yes! Jamie is a wonderful seller. I trust her very much :) Look forward to having to buy from her in the future. >.> Kiki keeps trying to steal the cell phone I bought from her... *but its not hers, its Darts*
    20. Ok ok. I guess it has to come out sometime....I am....a food eraser-a-holic. I know, I know.... I say they are for my dollies...but....I am addicted to the sweet smell of those novelty Japanese erasers..:drool ..and ordering from mysteryaya has only fed my addiction.:shudder :wiggle What else can I do? I can order from her easily...and before I know it...my items arrive safely packaged and are excellent quality....:drool :D :love .....
      Wonderful dealer, er...I mean seller...:sweat

      Thank you. :abow: :eusa_pray