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Feedback for Mysti_blue

Feb 28, 2007

    1. If you've had any transactions with me feel free to leave a comment!
    2. I just received a wonderful Leeke wig from Mysti_blue-- it was shipped SUPER fast, well packed, and was just what I wanted. Thanks again! :)
    3. I recently created two dresses for mysti_blue, and she was wonderful to work with. Communication was excellent and payment was prompt. I'd be more than glad to do business with her again.
    4. Joined a Kstarr group order I ran! She was great to work with! She paid promptly and there was great communication! Thank you ^_^
    5. I sold an SD13 boy body to Mysti_blue on layaway. She was on time with the payments and our communication was great. She is an EXCELLENT buyer!!!
    6. mysti_blue participated in the Everpurple group order that I organized. She was very easy to deal with and paid on time. I would recommend her as a buyer! :) Thankyou.
    7. I bought shoes from mysti_blue. They were shipped promptly. The communication was also friendly and thorough. Everything went perfectly!
    8. Mysti_blue joined my group order. Great transcation, good communication and fast payment. Thank you!
    9. I sold a B&G DOLLS body to Mysti_blue, she is a kind person!!!
      Nice communication and finished the payment quickly!!!
      Thank you very much!!!

      B&G Dolls
    10. mysti organized a minimee grp order and did it very well!~ was very happy to join her in the grp order! and yay chocolates <3 <3
    11. Serious person and specifies has managed the order of group of the Minimee Tokio hotel head in perfect way and she has put to me of chocolates in the package, thanks!:aheartbea
    12. mysti_blue participated in a group order that I ran (for shoes)... she always paid on time and was a pleasure to deal with!

      THANK YOU mysti! (meow!) ;)
    13. We had a great transaction with Mysti_blue. Quick payment and hassle free. Perfect! Thanks so much!!
    14. I did a comission for mysti_blue and it was a treat. Communication was pleasent, payment(I only charged shipping to/from) was prompt, and the directions of what she wanted were easily understood.
    15. Bought a pair of pants and a jacket, and received everything quickly and shipped well!
      Very pleasant to deal with. :) Thank you so much! (sorry I forgot to let you know they came in! :doh)
    16. Bought a pair of 20mm eyes, good communication and great to work with. Thanks! :)
    17. mysti_blue participated in the James Marsters minimee grouporder, she was great to deal with, er had great communication and she paid promptly.
    18. We put a pair of pants on hold for mysti. She paid quickly and is always a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended buyer. Thanks again!
    19. Just had a wonderful transaction with mysti_blue! I bought an HZ jacket, armband, and a pair of pants from her in the Marketplace. Communication was great, shipping was reasonable, and she sent me the tracking number when it was shipped. The items arrived today and are absolutely wonderful! I definitely recommend her as a seller, and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. :)
    20. I bought several accessory items from Mysti_blue's sale thread here on the forums, and it was an all around smooth transaction. Communication was great. She even provided extra pictures for scale when I asked about it so I'd know what I was getting was the right size for my needs. :D

      Items were shipped promptly and arrived safely to me and everything was just as described/shown in pictures. It was a pleasant and smooth forums-shopping experience and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Mysti_blue again!