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feedback for n66x

Dec 26, 2006

    1. This is a feedback threat for n66x..Please if you had some kind of transaction with me (either nice or bad:lol: ) post it here...I'll do the same!;)

      Thank you!:3nodding:
    2. n66x is a very polite and nice person :D So we are good friends now :aheartbea

      He's always so nice and it's very fun to talk with him!
      Your transaction will end smoothly and you must like him!!

      I highly recommend n66x ;)
      If you can, please help him to get DD Manaka Komaki :abow:
    3. Sold a DD head to n66x, and it was a very smooth, very pleasant international transaction!
    4. Positive feedback for n66x again :fangirl:

      n66x is a very nice, friendly and polite person!!
      I'm glad to meet him here DoA :)

      You can deal with him with no problem and it will be a great pleasure :aheartbea
      I highly recommend n66x :thumbup
    5. Heehee, positive for n66x again :aheartbea
      This time I could help him to get option hands for DD from Osaka Dolpa ;)

      He's always so nice, payments are super fast and communication is good
      I can't recommend him enough! Very very nice person :3nodding:

      He lives in Greece and it's so hard for him to get limited items. If you can, please help him. You will be able to be good friends with him :kitty2
    6. I send positive feedback for n66x again :aheartbea

      He's always truely nice :) I wrote many things before, but say again.
      n66x is one of the nicest persons I've met here DoA :thumbup
    7. I sold n66x a pair of shoes and he responded quickly and paid very promptly! Thank you very much!
    8. I helped n66x to get some rare outfits for his girls as a friend.
      Iannis is always very very nice :D
      Payment was done immediately and I always trust him 100% :)

      I highly recommend n66x again :thumbup
    9. n66x bought a doll stand from me. Very successful transcation, fast payment and quick response. Thank you!
    10. Great to work with!!
    11. I sold a doll to n66x. A very nice buyer with quick payment and great communications. A pleasure to do business with!
    12. Sold a Unoa stand and eyes to n66x. Totally wonderful experience. Rapid payment, great communication and very friendly. Would love to do business with this fabulous member again! Thank you so much!
    13. help n66x to get several things for her Unoa.
      lovely person, always polite during communication, fast PM respond and payment.

      Thank you a lot :)
    14. I have dealed with n66x.
      He is friendly and I recived quickly payment. truely reliable person.
      I want to deal with again. Arigatou! :) Miwa
    15. I bought a pair of shoes from n66x - wonderful person to deal with.
      Extremely friendly and helpful, great communication, and the shoes were sent really fast.
      Thank you Iannis, you're the tops!

      I have no hesitation in recommending n66x to everyone. :)
    16. :aangel:Don't be mistaken by all the Lovely emails you receive from Iannis, this Greek God is One Special and Dear to my Heart Fellow, He's got such loving emails with a quick sense of Humor that can make you giggle all day. Extremely intelligent, honest and speaks from the heart too. I purchased a Mocha Unoa Quluts from him and he explain everything to me ( from the tiniest lil' scratch and how to put her together) and sent pic's too, she came all the way from Greece all bundled up with TLC and quick ship too..He's a collector of all things Beautiful may it be dolls or friends.
      Extreme Recommendations for all that buy or sell to n66x (Iannis)
      Thank you my new Dolly friend for everything, I will post her pix as soon as she gets her face up and starts modeling the ooak's;)
      :aheartbeaSmooches and Hugzzz:aheartbea
    17. I can recommend n66x to everyone! He is a kind person and answers all your questions, what kind of n00b you might be. :sweat Everything went smooth and Mayu arrived quicly and with no damage!

      Again, thank you so much! :aheartbea
    18. n66x is an awesome person. He's kind, patient, and a good friend of mine. I bought a dress from him and it arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for everything! I really hope we can do business again! :D

      :aheartbea thanks again!!
    19. I apologize that this feedback is late, I had no internet for two weeks. But I bought a Dollfie Dream Kyoko head from n66x. I could not have asked for a better transaction. I had many issues due to a move and a bank error but n66x was so patient through it all. The head and outfit were packaged extremely well and I adore them. They are in pristine condition and are even better than the pictures provided. I would deal with n66x again in the future, over and over and over again. I can not express how wonderful the transaction was! More sellers should be as wonderful to converse and deal with.
    20. I can recommend n66x :chocoberry as a very friendly and lovely, very reliable and helpful person, too! I got my Pukipuki Sugar from him - absolutely smooth transaction! The shippment was rapid - on the same day as a payment!
      Many-many thanks, Iannis! :lol: