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Feedback for NabeeRain

Aug 21, 2006

    1. Hi!

      I have needed to do this for awhile! Please leave feedback if we have had a transaction here. For those of you that know me from here and bought through ebay, my ebay name is lissa_jane. Please feel free to comment on your transactions with me there too.

      Thank You :aheartbea

      Ebay Feedback Page: http://myworld.ebay.com/nabee_rain
    2. I've had several transactions with NabeeRain, and I must say she is very honest and a great seller and buyer! She responds to all emails and PMs, too! Much love and hugs~! :-D
    3. Had a positive transaction with NabeeRain. :) She bought a pair of eyes from me.
    4. I traded my mini doll for one of her dolls. NabeeRain is easy to communicate with, ships fast and friendly + I loved the little extra's she included with her ^_^

    5. I had a really great transaction with her! no problem at all :)
    6. I had two great transactions with NabeeRain.
      She is reliable and very nice person :)
    7. You were amazing to deal with! I'm sorry for making you wait so long!

      nabee was amazing to deal with! (would recommend!)

    8. 2 Thumbs Up! Reliable and very friendly buyer! The body will be in the mail tomorrow afternoon!!
    9. Really good buyer! :D smooooth everything ^^ She was one of my first customers, and made me feel cool to deal with more people! thank you!
    10. NabeeRain is a great person to deal with! :) She is very nice and pleasant, thank you!!
    11. NabeeRain is just perfect. A wonderful person to deal with! One of the best on the board.

    12. I got Jaiden today!!
      it has been a pleasure dealing with her, very patient and friendly!!
      good trader to deal with!
    13. I was commissioned for a custom dress by NabeeRain, everything went perfectly, she was great to deal with!

    14. i've bought and sold from NabeeRain :) lovely to deal with and very friendly :D
    15. NabeeRain is awesome! She bought an ani from me, excellent transaction! prompt payment, great buyer! Great person, very nice! :)
    16. NabeeRain is an excellent seller! I bought a Dollfie Dream doll from her, and she was exactly as described. She even refunded some of the shipping amount when she realized she'd overcharged. VERY honest and helpful! Plus, as an added bonus, she lives in my hometown. :) Thanks again!
    17. very nice buyer to deal with [where the egg now?]
    18. NabeeRain bought an outfit from me, sent very prompt payment, and was very professional and courteous throughout the transaction. A pleasure to deal with! :)
    19. NabeeRain bought a doll from me on a short layaway and was absolutely wonderful to deal with throughout the entire transaction. :daisy
    20. I sold some Elf headcaps to NabeeRain and she was fast to pay and nice to deal with! :D