Feedback for nagisama

Feb 9, 2017

    1. Hi everyone! I do buy from the marketplace on occasion, so thought I should probably start a feedback thread. Please post feedback below. Thanks:).
    2. Nagisama bought a Yukinojo head from me. She was very friendly and communication was excellent. She needed a short layaway but payment was prompt and there were no issues. An awesome transaction overall! I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again.
    3. Nagisama bought a Miro Doll body from me, and the entire transaction was smooth sailing. Communication was quick, and they let me know that the bod got there safely. Awesome buyer!
    4. Nagisama purchased an Angell Studio Dress from me and everything went perfectly. There was friendly communication and the payment was prompt. I highly recommend Nagisama to anyone. Thank you so much again for everything. <3
    5. Nagisama bought my Maskcat Doll Melodie. She was a model buyer in every respect, communication was prompt where it was needed and so was payment, she was responsive and friendly. I would do business with her again in a heartbeat. Thank you so very much!
    6. Nagisama purchased a body from me. Transaction was smooth from start to finish. Would gladly transact with again. Many thanks!

    7. I sold a Volks School A head to @nagisama - excellent transaction! All communication was fast and friendly, payment sent immediately and I was notified as soon as the head arrived. Definitely recommend as a buyer and would welcome future sales! Thank you very much for a flawless transaction. Enjoy your new guy! :thumbup