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Feedback for Naleeh

Nov 10, 2006

    1. I dealt with Naleeh for Sato FCS. I ordered F-14 Sunlight Boy for her :)

      Her responses were always fast and lovely :fangirl: We could have very good communication XD Payment was very fast, too!!
      It was a great pleasure to make FCS plan with her:aheartbea Thank you very much for giving me your order ^_____^=.

      I highly recommended Naleeh!! Very wonderful person:aheartbea
    2. I bought Aya's outfit from Naleeh. Super fast shipping, well packed... Thanks a ton!
    3. Naleeh bought some eyes from me. She paid quickly and was wonderful to deal with. Many Thanks!
    4. GOOD!!! she bought my kurenai's head:her payment was instantaneous !!!!! great communication and very nice person! thank you very much!!!
    5. Great sellor:D I bought a Nanuri 07 BW head from Naleeh. She was friendly and very sweet. She even sent along with the head some yummy lollies:whee: Great communication and friendly service. A+++
    6. Naleeh bought Zoukeimura eyes from me. She paid very quickly and the transaction went smootly. I recommend her and would deal again with her anytime. :D
    7. Naleeh bought a doll from me.
      Super fast payment,our transaction is great!
    8. Helena was a delight to do business with. She paid promptly and maintained excellent communication. I can highly recommend her to anyone considering a transaction.
    9. Naleeh bought a bjd boy from me and was so quick in her payments and thorough in her PMs and requests! This was a very nice and easy transaction!
    10. Naleeh bought Volks-Ushiwakamaru full set from me.
      She paid very quickly and kept up communications throughout the whole transaction.
      Naleeh is a great pleasure to deal with!!
      I highly recommend her!:)
    11. I purched a pair of jeans from Naleeh, they arrived well packed ,and fast postage, I was very happy with this transaction and would be happy to deal with again :)
    12. I bought a white fur wig from Naleeh, and the transaction was perfect! She was friendly and communicative and shipped the wig fast in perfect condition - thanks so much!
    13. I bought an old F-07 head from Naleeh recently, and she was a pleasure to do business with. The head was packaged and sent promptly and well-protected (always a concern with these delicate dolls!). She answered any questions I had quickly and in a very friendly and sweet manner. Naleeh was even nice enough to do a body swap for me so I could see which body the head would work best for! All in all, I would definitely recommend further transactions with Naleeh. Thank you again!
    14. I'm not sure if this is the right thing to be doing, because I've never had this happen before ._.

      I put up an SD13 Boy Body in the marketplace several weeks ago, which Naleeh committed to buy on layaway for $467. Specifically, she proposed the following via PM on 3/17/09:

      "If it’s okay for you I’ll pay the first half this next week, and I’ll tell you when I’ll be able to pay the rest, but before last days of April <3"

      Which I agreed to wholeheartedly!

      However, I never heard another word from her T.T Once two weeks had passed, I began PMing her asking what was up, and that it was fine if she didn't want the body, but to please contact me. I've since sent her 3 PMs, the last one being 2 day ago asking for some kind of contact by Thursday. However, she has been logging on almost every day! Her account shows the last activity yesterday at 4:11 pm.

      I'm not sure if I should be posting a paging thread because the truth is that no goods or money were exchanged, but she did agree to buy the doll with a specific payment plan, and I didn't want to skip right to leaving bad feedback without figuring out if something had happened, and giving her a chance to get into contact with me. If I'm supposed to go straight to leaving bad feedback, though, please let me know mods!
    15. Oops! That was a paging post that originally got moved into your feedback. I guess I /was/ supposed to go straight to leaving bad feedback *sighs*

      So, I guess the end note of this transaction is that Naleeh flaked out on buying something, and couldn't even be bothered to tell me, even though she logged on just about every day and I was PMing her about it. All my PMs were very polite and friendly, and I repeatedly let her know that it was perfectly okay if she wanted to back out from buying the body. However, she just couldn't seem to be bothered to get into contact with me even though she showed account activity every day T.T

      I'm really sad that I had to leave this feedback! Until she stopped responding, Naleeh seemed like a really nice person T.T
    16. Just had a perfect trade with Naleeh. Shipped fast and the items is so great, fits my girls very much.
      Thank you so much.
    17. I bought a doll to Naleeh and it was really a wonderfull and perfect transaction, she is very nice to deal with. I really recommand her.
      The doll was sent super fastly!! I 'd love to deal with her again!!:):)
    18. Naleeh bought a pair of Souldoll limited eyes from me-- great, sweet contact and she paid right away:) Thank you once more!
    19. Naleeh recently purchased my Volks Garnet. Quick payment and friendly to deal with. I highly recommend her!