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Feedback for Nanadinka

Mar 13, 2009

    1. Write your feedback for any transactions in this thread please!

      I will eat a tasty choccie :truffle for every nice word said, on your behalf :D
    2. I sold a Lati yellow head to Nanadinka. She was lovely to deal with.
      Fast payment. I have no complains! recommended! <3 ^__^
    3. Nanadinka bought a little Lati from me. She paid immediately and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much!! :chocoberry
    4. Nanadinka commissioned a faceup from me, and it was a great transaction - she is friendly to work with, and communication & payment were very prompt! I would be very happy to deal with her again :)

      Thank you Nanadinka~!
    5. Nanadinka bought my sweet Lamy from me.it was a smooth and happy transaction:she paid immediately and was really super nice and kind to deal with. i couldn't hope in a better Mum for my Marty
      Thanks so much!!