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Feedback for NancyS

Mar 16, 2008

    1. Nancy participated in my minimee GO and everything went very smoothly--payments and communication were timely and she was very friendly.
    2. Participated in the Yul Brynner minimee GO Nancy started much earlier this year.
      We made our payments early April, then later on had to add more to that due to someone dropping out late. Then photograps of the head were sent to us a month or so later for approval, but Nancy couldn't verbalize what was "wrong" with it. A couple of us got together and figured it out with Photoshop and photos of the actor. The ears were way too low.
      Again, Nancy couldn't verbalize that to the sculptor, so my friend made up Photoshop pictures again, demonstrating that the ears were too low, and by how much.

      The delay then for the readjustment was totally understandable and acceptable. We wanted the head to look correct.
      Everything was going well up to this point. A little glitch, a longer wait, no worries.

      But then early November, we finally get word that the heads are in, and are treated to email photos of Nancy's head - tanned, faceupped, on a body and clothed! Obviously not a one day process.
      Nice, but we would have much rather preferred to have our heads shipped out to us before she took the time to do all that with hers. And she later admitted that she should have sent our heads out to us as soon as they came in.
      Doing so would have avoided the even longer wait we then had to endure with no communication becasue Nancy got sick for two weeks.
      Finally, a week after that, my head came in. :)

      It's an incredibly nice looking head, and I'm glad I got in on the order!
      I'm thankful Nancy took the time and trouble to get the group order together, write up the emails and keep communication going with the sculptor, and finally packing the heads well for shipping.

      Most of the delays were not of her doing, but the final glaring error of playing with her minimee head, and sending resulting pictures to us before ours were even mailed out to us, put a sour note on the deal for me (and three more weeks on the wait time). Though I'm sure she'll avoid making such an error again.
    3. I'll concur with everything Aernath said above. Having spent more money than anticipated on the head and hours of my own time and resources to make sure the changes we wanted were communicated properly to Denny, I was more than a little put out to have to wait an additional three weeks after sending shipping money to actually get the head!

      What made this even more grating to me was that I was in a much-later group order that got delayed by a couple of weeks or so because the order was misplaced at the manufacturing end. The group order leader was so appalled over something that was absolutely not her fault, that she paid for shipping from her house to ours when the heads arrived (roughly the same time the Yul heads did, but I got this other head almost three weeks sooner!).

      Many of the delays were completely beyond Nancy's control. Nobody blames her for being ill - in fact she was delightful to "chat" with. She made a lovely gesture of apology for delays by sending each of us an earring (really very nicely made).

      However, I think she might have turned responsibility for the group order over to someone else when it became clear that her health was going to be a *big* issue. That was her approach when we needed to describe changes - I made the communication to Denny directly and it worked out quickly and satisfactorily.

      To her credit, Nancy has said she will never organize a group order again. I think it's great that she is owning up to her shortcomings. However, the presentation of the finished Yul followed by a three-week wait for a head that cost a good amount more than I originally had agreed to is making it very difficult for me to enjoy him.
    4. Bought a set of Regency/Sense&Sensibility Regimentals from NancyS. She was terrific to deal with, great communication at all stages of the purchase and even provided loads of extra details and information about the outfit and its materials. The outfit itself is exquisitely crafted and will be a valued part of my collection.
    5. Bought a wonderful outfit from Nancy...beautifully made, and she was delightful to deal with.