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Feedback for Nanyalin

Nov 16, 2006

    1. I haven't found a feedback topic for Nanyalin, so i have just opened one :sweat

      I have just closed a very positive transaction with Marta, she is so talented and so sweet, even if she is really a busy woman :D
      Thank you very much Marta, for this doll and, as there was no personal feedback time ago, thank you for my el elf vampire too, bought from you months ago :)

      Very very happy!
    2. Nanyalin was great to buy from. I purchased her latidoll aida, and the transaction went smoothly (except for the evil that is Correos::Spanish postal service). Communication was good, and she was quick to reply when I would pm any questions.

      As for the packaging, she did an amazing job packing him in a smaller box very securely, in order to make shipping less expensive.

      Great seller all around!
    3. Nanyalin painted my beautiful Lishe, Juri '05 & Hound. She did great work, & was very helpful & friendly throughout, keeping me regularly updated on their progress.

      I love the way she made them look! They all have so much character.

    4. Marta bought a head from me!
      She paid quick, and is so nice!
      I highly recommend her!!!

    5. Nanyalin is great. I've dealt with her several times and she always produces very high quality work.
    6. Nanyalin is an absolute sweetheart to buy from. I bought a BW Elf El from her a few months back and absolutely love him. Very patient and kind. Thank you!
    7. I did a trade with Nanyalin a few weeks back and the doll is absolutely beautiful, she did a custom face up on him for me and he arrived perfectly safe. Very good communication and reliable. Thanks! :) :aheartbea
    8. We splitted the order of a CP Harang back in August/September 2006. She was a charm to deal with, very quick responses and fluent communication.

      I recommend Nany for anything, as she is reliable and has a lot of patience!
    9. Nanyalin bought a Delf BW body from me. She has been nothing but a pleasure to deal with . She has provided very quick responses and been patient with an ever worrying me! Thank you so much!
    10. [​IMG]

      Nanyalin traded a Woosooo for a Shiwoo-Elf of hers that I was absolutely in love with. I felt like he was my dolly soul-mate. She modded him as requested and has been very supportive. I recommend her with lots of elfy kisses.

    11. :D I bought my stunning blue-eyed one from Nanyalin. Bless her patience with me in agreeing to ship him through a specific courier so he wouldn't be delayed or lost - it was a lot of extra effort for her but she did it for me to give me peace of mind ! He was packed beautifully and arrived in pristine condition. This could have been a very stressful transaction - but it wasn't because Nanyalin is simply WONDERFUL !!! :aheartbea

      :aheartbea jaxa:aninja:
    12. I've just completed my first transaction here on DoA, and Nanyalin couldn't have been more helpful. We split an SD16 Amelia auction from Y!J; she let me know at every step what I asked: what to pay, where to pay it, where the package was, etc. I worried her with constant questions, and she was always exceptionally pleasant and informative with her responses. I'm delighted with my new SD16 body, and equally delighted with Nanyalin as a seller.
    13. what an amazing member. makes me so happy there are still kind hearts in this crazy world! :)
      What can I say, amazing trade, very smooth transaction. We traded zouks.


      Do not hesitate to deal with this member, not a second!

    14. Marta is absolutely lovely to do any trades or sales with. She is charming and very understanding. She is wonderful!
    15. Just complete a selling transaction with Marta. I have bought doll from her and she is a wonderful seller so now that I have sold one of my dolls to her, she is a great buyer too! ^__^ Very fast payment and the usual great communication ^_^ Thank you Marta!
    16. Bought a LPC White Cat Cosplay set from Marta.
      Great transaction! (Not so great Spanish Postal Services)
      Quick on PM relies and up-to-date info.
      Highly recommend!

      Thank-youuuu! =D
    17. Nanyalin sold me a dreaming vampire elf Chiwoo head. The entire transaction was fantastic.

      Nanyalin was polite and easy to talk to, and responded to PMs in a prompt manner, especially considering our time difference. She was very careful about photographing the head and pointing out even its smallest flaws. She didn't charge shipping until after it was sent, so she knew just how much it was. And bless her, she never hounded me for that shipping payment -- something she had every right to do, since I had made a terrible error and sent it to the wrong PP address. It was only 1.5 weeks later, when I noticed the payment hadn't cleared, that I asked her if she'd received it and the poor dear replied that no, she was still waiting. I felt so terrible!

      Overall, this was definitely an A+ transaction. Some people are skittish of international transactions, but it's worth it when you know you're buying from an honest seller. I'd rather get another head from Nanyalin than buy from my next-door neighbor.
    18. Nanyalin made a great custom for me :aheartbea

      The transaction was smoth, and the communication great!! :D And the doll just amazing :)

      Nanyalin is great for transactions!! :) :aheartbea
    19. I meant a customization :doh She opened the eyes of my old F-05 head :aheartbea
    20. Our first transaction with Nanyalin was great. She's a real pleasure to deal and the perfect buyer. Thanks so much!