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:: Feedback for Nanz Sumire ~

Aug 16, 2011

    1. I can't find her feedback thread, so I made one for Nanz Sumire ^^
      She bought violin from me, she's really patience and friendly buyer :)
      I made her wait for violin restock and she's okay with that, I'm glad could do transaction with her.
      Very RECOMMENDED buyer~

      Thank you so much dear :D
    2. Nanz commissioned me to do the faceup of her Kid Delf Hodoo, Simone.
      She's a sweet person, and I know her personally. She's very endearing and pleasant to work with.
      Every step of the approval process, she was encouraging and at the end of the transaction, paid quickly!
      Thanks so much, Nanz. It's an honor. :3
    3. This is my second transaction with Nanz Sumire
      She bought a guitar from me ^^ she always pleasant to deal with, fast communication and patient buyer. I gave her a problem because I'm not recheck her email address TAT sorry for that.
    4. i purchased 2 dollshe costume outfits from her and she and her partner made an amazing job in it!!! im very satisfied and i believe there will be more future purchase between me and her ;)

      very good communication, and quality work!!! (let alone the little hand written adooooorable note <333)