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Feedback for Naoki

Mar 27, 2007

    1. Feedback thread *w*)b
    2. Had an excellent transaction with Naoki!

      I sold her a Persia head and everything went smoothly. Very good communication, very up front with when she will pay, and very prompt with payment. :)

      Thanks darlink! I'm glad you like your boy.
    3. Had a good transaction with Naoki! She purchased a pair of eyes from me, paid promptly and kept in touch. Thanks!
    4. She purchased headgear for MSD/U-noa from me,
      and was a very pleasant buyer to deal with! ^^

      Thanks again, Naoki!
    5. naoki commissioned a wig from me and was really pleasant to deal with and paid quickly - would certainly love to work with again ^^
    6. Was commissioned by Naoki and is generally an excellent person to deal with n_n. Very friendly and trustworthy, wouldn't have any hesistations dealing with again (obviously >w>)!
    7. Naoki purchased a 4D outfit from me. She paid immediatly and was an absolute pleasure to deal with! Thanks again! Deborah
    8. Naoki bought a charm from me, she was very nice and paid very fast!
    9. Naoki was fun to work with and had cool designs!
    10. Hi! Sold Naoki a pair of eyes! Very smooth transaction, quick payment, great communication! will be happy to work with again!
    11. Naoki participated in my DIM Headphone GO and was fun to work with ^o^ Quickly to get a hold of and was just plain awesome~!
    12. I purchased a face-up from Naoki. She was very reasonable, extremely fast and had great communication. The face up turned out great too ^^
    13. Naoki Commissioned Black fur wig from my commission shop! Quick payment! Very understandable! A valuable customer! Come back anytime~ ^_^
    14. Naoki is a great customer, very understanding and I really appericate that! Payment was perfect, couldn't of wished for a better customer.
    15. Naoki joined my EverPurple GO.
      very nice person and great communication :D

      it's my pleasure to have her in my GO
    16. naoki commissioned a wig from me and once again was really pleasant to deal with - a great transaction ^^
    17. *^^* I bought Naoki's DOT Sha on layaway. He has yellowed, unevenly, unexpectedly, since it was only mentioned as "evenly" in the sales thread... (_ _) But I don't mind. I'm going to change him into a DOI so the body would go to someone else. ^^ The head will stay. Naoki is very friendly during the transaction, we chatted a lot by emails, and she shipped him well by registered mail. Thank you so much for letting me adopt your boy! ^^
    18. Had a wonderful transaction with Naoki. I purchased her minifee seorin boy and couldn't have been happier. She accepted layaway, was wonderful with communication and so friendly. Everything was smooth and he shipped right away. I'm so happy to have my new boy home. Thank you for making this an amazing transaction!