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Feedback for Napoleonchan

Nov 19, 2010

    1. Just starting a feedback thread for myself.
    2. Traded my migidoll ryu hybrid for her iplehouse mars hybrid..great person to work with! Honest, friendly, and over all the trade was amazing <3 Thanks again! I'd gladly do business with you. :D
    3. I bought a used Dream of Doll DoT Camine head from Napoleon and he was packaged extremely extremely well and arrived in one piece even if my darn mailman managed to beat on the box a bit. She was extremely helpful with advice on bodies for him too and helped me a TON. That and the shipping was fast, communication was excellent, and she was a pleasure to buy from. I'd definitly buy from her again.

      Thanks for the beautiful head! :D
    4. Bought a lovely Unoa mod fp from Napoleonchan. The fp is gorgeous, and the transaction was great!
    5. I traded my DM SE Bella Auden head with Napoleonchan for her DIM Robel head. The transaction went wonderfully, with fast shipping and friendly, easy communication. I wouldn't hesitate to do another transaction with her. Thanks again!
    6. Sold a Dollstown Estella boy to Napoleonchan. Excellent buyer!! Communication was clear and friendly and informative. Very happy to have done business with, and would gladly work with in the future. :)
    7. I love Napoleonchan to peices!

      A plus awesome feedback for a transaction she executed excellently, and to which I executed with all the grace of an elephant in a bucket of mice. :(

      I bought an Fdoll boy body in WS from this wonderful person. I had to stall my layaway payments because of complications, and she took it like a saint. I am so happy with her professional and kind manner, and the wonderful packing she did on my body. I'm sure anything she packs could survive a natural disaster.

      Absolutely one of the best I've had to work with!

      Thanks so much! I really appreciate everything and can recommend this seller to any person here!
    8. I traded a can of msc for a face-up by Napoleon and it is by far the most beautiful face-up I have ever seen. I wanted something a little different and she was able to match it perfectly and now, my doll who was restricted to wearing only blonde wigs because of her default face-up, looks amazing in black wigs too! I never imagined that I could fall back in love with my first doll and I actually have.

      Ontop of that, it didn't take Napoleon long at all to do the face-up and we stayed in contact with each other the whole time. She's an awesome person to work with and I'd gladly do business with her yet again in the future. Thanks soooo much for making my girl unique and absolutely stunning. :D
    9. I sell Napoleonchan Ryu head. Communication friendly, payment send quickly. Thank You very much :daisy:daisy:daisy!
    10. Commissioned Napoleonchan for a face up on my Custom House Rena. She did an awesome job on her. She was very quick and had good communication. Will be back for more face up's in the future. Thanks so much

    11. napoleonchan painted adorable fantasy faceups for my Chocopuki Piki. She was extremely easy to work with, completed the work very quickly with attention to detail and pride in quality work. Will see you again soon :)

    12. I commissioned a face-up from napoleonchan for my SD Liddell. She was great to work with, very pleasant, communicated quickly and efficiently, and worked really hard to make the face-up something that I would love. :aheartbea She did a wonderful job! I would DEFINITELY recommend her. :3nodding:
    13. Made a trade with Napoleonchan. A head for a head. Everything went smooth and this transaction was 100% good. Recommend her for transactions!
    14. Bought a gorgeous DT Estella head, transaction was superb! Great seller to work with.
    15. [​IMG]

      I apologize for image quality, that is my fault. But Napoleon did an AMAZING job on my DZ Yuu head! He came out much better than I could ever imagine! I plan on using her services in the future for future dolls because I am so happy with her work!!! <3
    16. Napoleonchan did a faceup and modwork on my MNF sleeping Breakaway head and she is FANTASTIC! She's great with communication and making sure to get exactly what you want. She also worked very quickly. I'm just all around pleased with her work and would not hesitate to commission her again~
    17. Napoleonchan did cleaning, sanding, and blushing of my Volks Liz. It was a fantastic commission experience, with everything from communication to length of commission to the work. The blushing and sanding is beautiful! I will be doing business again. Thanks!
    18. I commissioned Napoleonchan to do a couple of face-ups, for my Soom Syen and Taco. She was very friendly, and great communication even when mine was late. She asked questions to make sure I got what I wanted, and got the face-ups done quickly. She did a beautiful job! Good quality work, I am super happy with what she did. Would not hesitate to commission again.Thanks so much, Napoleonchan!
    19. Bought two sweaters from Napoleonchan and they arrived within two shipping days. Very fast and prompt responses. Wonderful to work with. Thank you so much!
    20. Napoleanchan did some modifications on two of my dolls, gave them both custom ears and one of them fangs. She was fantastic to work with from start to finish! She kept me up to date with plenty of communication and photos, was super friendly and went above and beyond to help me sketch out ideas for the second ear job when I was uncertain about the look-not to mention her actual work is flawless. The mods are smooth, well crafted and very natural looking on the sculpts. Will gladly work with her again and recommend her to others! :)