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Feedback for Naraku-chan

Sep 16, 2010

    1. I guess I'm the first one.

      I bought a pair of Dollheart Shoes from Naraku-Chan. Transaction went really fast and smooth. Really nice communication. Thank you very much :)
    2. hi
      i bought short pant and a top from naraku...the items arrives quick and are woderful,i would love to deal with naraku-chan again^^
    3. I bought a pair of animal ears.
      The contact was very friendly and ut arrives quickly.
      love it!
    4. naraku-chan bought some undies sets from me in an excellent transaction! She let me know promptly when they arrived, was friendly and polite, and gave me some helpful post office info ^^ Thank you so much!
    5. I bought a pair of sheep horn from Naraku-chan :D
      The contact was very friendly !:aheartbea She help me a lot with problems that weren`t even her fault. i`d like to thank her for everything, cuz it was an easy business deal. I'll definitely business with her again :aheartbea:aheartbea
      thank you Thank you so much :D
    6. I dealed again with naraku chan ^^ and everything went well again! Thank you
    7. I just bought a pair of Sinyland Devil Horns from Naraku-chan! They came exactly as described and the customer service (communication, shipping, reliability) was way above par. The transaction went completely smoothly -- I received these horns faster than I have some items I've been waiting on since two weeks before I even asked about the horns.

      This girl is fast! :)

      Thanks so much, it was such a pleasure, and I would do it again, anytime!
    8. I bought a pair of PeapodDoll hooves from Naraku-chan~! great transaction! very easy to deal with and very communicative! ^^
      I hope we do business in the future!!
    9. I bought Grit parts from Naraku-chan. The transaction was easy and kind, the parts arrived quickly and welll protected.
      Many thanks ! :)
    10. I was delighted to get a Fly Mikhaila outfit from Naraku-chan! It was a lovely transaction, my item shipped faster than I'd expected, has arrived in perfect shape, and the communication along the way was superb. I would absolutely recommend Naraku-chan! Thank-you so much, I hope we can do business again in the future! :D

    11. I sold Naraku-chan a Leeke World Ent and while it took all together way to long for the doll to get to her, I am very happy with the transaction, payment and communication. I would do business with her again anytime and highly recommend!
    12. I joined the Ario spilt Naraku-chan hosted and was very happy with the transaction with polite and promt PM's plus fast shipping out too! Thankyou very much! I would happily join again for another~
    13. I joined the Ario spilt Naraku-chan hosted and the transaction went perfect with great and kind comunication. I definetly recomend Naraku-chan as split leader! Thank you very much!
    14. I bought a SOOM Bygg from her and the whole transaction was a great experience.
      The communication was friendly and fast, Bygg arrived well packed and lightening fast and he
      was in the exact condition as descriped. It was a pleasure to deal with Naraku-Chan and I
      would do business with her everytime again. Thanks alot!
    15. I bought two wigs from Naraku-chan. They arrived quickjly and are perfect and just what I wanted. Thank you!
    16. I joined Naraku-chan's Soom Ario split for the outfit :) It was a very pleasant well organised split ^^ And my items arrived super fast :) And she didnt mind holding it for me a little while before she sent as I was moving house and had trouble getting to my paypal XD Very understanding and lovely person. Would Highly recommend ^^

    17. I bought a slim mini dress and skirt from Naraku-chan and the transaction went smoothly! ^-^

      Communication excellent and lovely person to do business with!
      Packing itself was good, however the clothes had quite a bit of animal hair on them. ^^;
    18. Naraku-chan bought dress and pants from me, and it was fast nice and smooth transaction :) thanks!
    19. I brougt an MSD clothes set from Naraku-chan.
      Very nice and friendly contact. Fast and smooth as well as well packaged.
    20. i bought a wig for yosd from Naraku
      she's a very friendly user and the communication was super.
      i will surely recommend her as seller ^^