Feedback for nariko_bisshi

Apr 9, 2007

    1. If you had any type of transactions with me, please kindly leave a feedback here! Thank you for your time! :aheartbea

    2. A pleasure to deal with, certainly some one I will buy from again(^_^). Also appreciated the free gifts ( a top and a lovely fur wig) she threw in for my order of 2 1/3 doll outfits.
    3. Took part in a group order for Pudding Dream's held by nariko_bisshi she was pleasant to deal with and answered all questions/pm's promptly. The clothes were great quality, well made with good quality materials. I will be buying from nariko_bisshi again :D
    4. I was in a Pudding Dreams group order run by nariko_bisshi, and it went smoothly. She was quick to get in contact and return PMs, and the clothes and wig arrived in perfect condition.
    5. Nariko helped me get my AA Shi along with her order for her Shinji ( ^ o^)/ and she also kindly came out for a meet-up carrying the whole box! thanks very much!
    6. Received my group order from her yesterday. ^__^ The items were lovely!
    7. nariko got a face up from me, and she's really lovely to deal with!~
    8. I took part in a group order for Infinity that was held by Nariko, and she was great to work with. Prompt updates, very friendly, and she even held my package until I was home from vacation :)
      Thanks so much!
    9. BnG orders from her.

      two sharon dolls. met up at my convenince for payment.prompt replies.
      pleasure to shop from. free starter packs to be recieved nex month. ^^/

      slight problem with faceup from bng, not her fault.

      =3 +1 to her n her partner
    10. NARIKKKKO IS :aheartbea
      Shes nice! Despite my very impatient self. >_____>
      And my Sky came in nicely .
      Yay, thanks girl~
      Rui thank you tooo. :)
    11. i've yet to receive a reply from cuppycakeland on my order!! :|
      i've waited bout 6 days (and counting..) and each reply previously took about 5 days in between.
      it's been more than two weeks since i first contacted cuppycakeland on my order.. and up till now i still havent received the estimated date of arrival.
      *sigh* i just want my reply and my patience is pretty much running out already >.>

      but on the brighter side, she's been polite and all~ makes me forget the wait a little ^^

    12. hello dear, kazume is handling all dollzone orders ^^;; Should you have any further queries, you may PM me for her contact as I have dropped out of the Patissier ^^;;
    13. UPDATE!
      Because i am unable to edit the first post anymore, news is that I have dropped out of the Patissier. So please kindly do NOT post any the Patissier feedback in my feedback page @[email protected];

      Orders are now all handled by Kazume/potatosalad.

      Orders i have handled and are fully incharge of (meaning me->supplier->me->you) are:
      1. C&K
      2. K-san
      3. B&G


      I will be opening up orders for these suppliers at the end of Feb 2008 ^^ So kindly only leave feedback for 2008 transactions onwards ^^~
    14. Ordered an outfit with. Awesome to deal with and really nice. Shipped item right after being paid. ^^
    15. I bought a doll head from Nariko. She was friendly and prompt with her replies. Really happy my first transaction went smoothly.
    16. Definitely a wonderful experience dealing with Nariko. Responded to PMs very promptly, and was very friendly throughout.
      Without a doubt, someone whom I would buy things from again.

      OHYES, she gave me a discount too!!~ :aheartbea
      *I'm such a typical Singaporean*
    17. nariko bought a little doll-sized messenger bag from me. :3 payment and communication went smoothly, and she's a lovely person to deal with. ^^
    18. Quick response and really friendly! Looking forward to having other transactions with her! :DDD
    19. Awesome seller who shipped out the item at amazing speed and has some of the best communication I have ever experienced! Would love to buy from her again~
    20. nariko_bisshi is a great buyer and is quick to communicate. Fast payment and nice all around to sell to. I highly recommend her.