Feedback for Natsumi13

Mar 12, 2017

    1. Hello! Here you can leave your feedback about any transactions you have had with me.
      Thank you!
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    2. * Oh wow I'm the 1st :) *

      Natsumi13 purchased a Granado Gabriel from me. The transaction is wonderfully fast and smooth. She is friendly and polite in conversation, and paid for the head quickly as well.

      Overall, this transaction was a real pleasure and I am glad she is the one that adopts Gabriel. Will definitely do transactions with her again. Thanks a lot Natsumi13! :)
    3. I sold an IoS Aria head to Natsumi and would be happy to do business with her in the future. The parcel bounced around in the international postal system for two months with no way for either of us to do anything but watch anxiously. Through it all, Natsumi was unfailingly polite and patient.
      I very much look forward to seeing what you do with this gorgeous guy! Thanks for giving him a home where I know he'll be amazing! <3