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Feedback for *NatTheCat*

Jun 20, 2012

    1. Please leave your feedback for *NatTheCat* here. Thank you!:)
    2. *NatTheCat* purchased my Luts Lu-Wen vampire head! Very friendly communication and prompt payment. Overall, a very pleasant and smooth transaction! :)

      Thanks again for adopting Lu-Wen and giving him (now her) a new home! :)
    3. *NatTheCat*brought a wig from me. Fast payment, smooth transaction, and great communication! I highly recommend!! Thanks.
    4. *NatTheCat*is a very nice buyer, she bought a Feeple body from me and nice to deal with!
      Happy to trade with her^^!
    5. *NatTheCat* bought a Domuya Fin from me, and was a perfect buyer! Paid quickly, was super understanding, sweet and communicative. I'd recommend anyone to deal with her! Thanks so much dear! :)
    6. I bought a pair of F60 hands from *NatTheCat*. Very kind seller.
      Lovely transaction, overall!
    7. I bought a vmf50 body from *NatTheCat*. Fast postage, wonderful communication. Very kind and reliable seller.
    8. I purchased a NS Feeple60 female body from *NatTheCat* on layaway. Very friendly, clear and prompt communication, confirmed payments and sent my doll quickly and securely packaged. I couldn't ask for a more pleasant transaction. Thanks so much!
    9. *NatTheCat* bought my Castle Anne body and I could not be happier with the transaction. Super friendly, good communication, and she let me know as soon as the body arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. :)
    10. I purchased a Feeple70 body from *NatTheCat* and it was a great transaction! She was prompt with communication and shipping, and the body arrived to me safe and sound. I would absolutely buy from her again.
    11. *NatTheCat* purchased a Fairyland Soony from me and the transaction was fantastic!! Perfect communication, payment was made immediately and I was notified once the doll was received. Thanks *NatTheCat* for everything :)
    12. Nat purchased a Fairyline Sia from me. Communication was great, she paid quickly, very nice, and let me know when the doll arrived. I would gladly work with her again. :D
    13. Nat is a great buyer. She purchased a body from me on layaway and she chose the monthly payment date and paid on time every month without any reminder or hassle. I would sell to her again.
    14. I purchased a Lu-Wen head and Feeple70 body on layaway from *NatTheCat* and everything went perfect! She was very kind and communication was great. The boy arrived safe and fast. I would buy from Nat again!
    15. Positive feedback! They purchased a Minifee Karsh from me and the transaction was flawless. Thank you so much.