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Feedback for NayaHaefnir

Apr 5, 2011

    1. This is my feedback thread. Please leave a feedback about me...Thank you so so much! :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    2. she bought the doll glass eyes from me , the whole transaction is very happy ,she was very kind and friendly , it is happy time to have the business with her, highly recommend her to all of you. by the way ,I would like to say when her friend comes to me , pls remind me that you are her friends ,and then you will get the gifts from me .hahaha , we do our best to show the happyness between us on this world.
    3. It had been a quite a while, but I sold a SSDF Flood to NayaHaefnir more than two months ago.

      I would have to leave a neutral feedback for this particular transaction. She had asked for a rather long layaway. At first, for the first few months, it was pretty dandy and throughout the whole transaction, she had kept with good communication. She had been really friendly towards the whole experience. Problem is that she kept asking extension when it comes to the time of monthly payment, and she would not keep to the payment schedule. (As in usually keep asking for one week or so to give the payment, etc etc.)

      I would not do another transaction with NayaHaefnir, since it was quite a frustrating experience for me.
    4. NayaHaefnir joined a GO with propertyoftheuchiha for some custom hoodies and was great to work with, communication was excellent!
    5. She purchased a LM body from me using a (long) layaway! She paid it off earlier than expected and payments were quite prompt! Communications were perfect and being such a kluts I've forgotten to pack the cert and had to send it seperately! However she was really understanding.
      I recommend her as a brilliant buyer!

      Thank you NayaHaefnir!
    6. I purchased an Oyid Iplehouse female body from NayaHaefnir on s relatively short layaway. The body arrived safely and wonderfully packed looking exactly like the extra pictures provided during negotiations. She kept good, polite communication. I would happily do business with her again.
    7. I purchased a dreaming Marcia head from this lovely DOAer. She was very proactive to follow up with me when the post was slow --which was not at all her fault --so I really appreciated that she kept in touch with me and was concerned about how things were going. I would definitely purchase from her again ! she was very sweet and I could not be happier! thank you so much
    8. NayaHaefmir brought a Volks SDGou Yukinojo Sawaragi from me. Smooth transaction. Communication was great! She was a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend her! Would not mind doing business with again! Thank you.