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Feedback for Naykomii

May 19, 2007

    1. Hey everyone,

      If I have ever done any business with you; buying or selling... Please take the time to leave me some feedback. ^_^ Thank you

    2. Naykomii bought some wristbands from me. She was very friendly and paid quickly :). I'd do business with her again. Thanks!
    3. Naykomii bought two pairs of sneakers from me, and was a wonderful buyer :) Thanks for a perfect transaction!
    4. I had a very very pleasant and perfect transaction with Naykomii.
      She bought a Hound shirt from me, paid quickly, and was very friendly!

      Thank you m'dear! :)
    5. Naykomii commissioned a custom messenger bag from me. She was very communicative, paid when indicated and was very pleasant to deal with. Thanks so much hun ^__^